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    Voyage to the Iron Reef Media Day

    We went on over to Knotts Berry Farm for the Media Day of their latest dark ride, Voyage to the Iron Reef, and it kicks ass and is a great dark ride. Check it out as we explore the ride in this short, but sweet, update. =)

    California's Great America 2015

    We took another another visit to NorCal and finally got back to CGA to ride Gold Striker, which is awesome. Check that out, lots more fun at CGA, and even head on over to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for more fun afterwards.

    Holiday Park Review

    Our official review of Holiday Park. It may be primarily known for Expedition Ge Force, one of the best coasters ever. But it's also a really good park as well, as highlighted in this full length review.

    Walygator Parc Review

    This may not be a theme park that most of you are all that familiar with. And while it may seem like just a dinky little credit whoring stop, this small little park actually is home to the best roller coaster in all of France.

    Knotts Boysenberry Festival 2015

    We took another spontaneous trip to Knotts Berry Farm to check out all the great Boysenberry foods. We tried it all, and it was all really good. We even rode a couple rides. =)

    Gardaland Review

    Our official review of Gardaland. Easily the most well known park in Italy, and it's definetly a great one with several unique rides, a great setting, and much more fun. Check it out and see this park for yourself.

    Movieland Studios Review

    Our official review of Movieland Studios. This may not be a super well known park since it's right down the street from Gardaland and its essentially a Universal Studios Hollywood knock off, but not only is this park great, but this is one of those rare instances where the knock off is better than the real thing. =)

    Mirabilandia Review

    Our official review of Mirabilandia. This Italian Park may be a coaster enthusiasts wet dream thanks to two of the best coasters ever, but it's great even beyond that. Check it out and see for yourself.

    Fiabilandia Review

    Our official review of Fiabilandia. This small little park in Italy may not be very well known, but it does contain some of the most unique kiddy coasters in the world and is fun for an hour or two.

    Knotts New Years Eve 2014

    We went out to Knotts Berry Farm to close out 2014 and bring in the New Year, and we had a blast doing it. Check out Xcelerator's goodness, chicken, some neat fireworks, and a riveting game of checkers.