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    Parc Asterix Review

    Our official review of Parc Asterix. This park may not be the best in Europe, but it's certainly one of the most popular, drawing in huge crowds thanks to its Asterix theme. Check out all this major park has to offer.

    West Coast Bash 2015

    Time for another fun update. We're back at West Coast Bash for some more crazy fun at Knotts Berry Farm. Check out all sorts of cool backstage tours, lots of ERT, and we even venture off to Adventure City for some credit whoring, where we even hit a milestone today. Check it all.

    Phantasialand Review

    Our official review of Phantasialand. Another one of Germany's great theme parks. This park has great rides, great theming, and just an overall great atmosphere to it. It may not have a ton, but everything it has is great. Check out our review of this great German Park.

    Disney Magic Cruise 2015

    Now for something completely different, we do a Disney Cruise (we also post non-coaster updates here as well from time to time). We check out an amazing ship, see Spain, Italy, and France, seeing great cities such as Barcelona, Pisa, Nice, Pompeii, get back to Rome, and we even sneak in a theme park along the way. Check out this amazing ship. =)

    Movie Park Germany Review

    Our official review of Movie Park Germany. Considering all the great and amazing parks in Germany that we've covered so far, this one is pretty mild with not too much going for it, other than the worst wooden coaster ever. But hey, it's still a really fun park with plenty to do for an afternoon. Check out our review of the place.

    Cannibal Trip

    We went on back to Lagoon to check their newest coaster, Cannibal. Check it out, along with more Lagoon awesomeness, fun in Park City, and more general fun in one of our favorite theme parks. =)

    Top 10 Wooden Coasters

    As the first roller coasters ever built, Wooden Roller Coasters have been around for quite some time. And while the General Public knows this, they see this as a sign of being old and boring, which on the contridary, Wooden Roller Coasters are wild, crazy, and insane. Check out as we showcase 10 great woodies in this video.

    Schlossbeck Review

    Our official review of Schlossbeck. It may resemble more of a playground than your typical theme park, but screw it. This place is AWESOME!!! See our review for more details.

    Heide Park Review

    While it may be well known, Heide Park is an impressive park with some really good coasters including one of the best in the world. Check out our review of this awesome park.

    Disneyland Summer 2015

    We're off to Disneyland, Happiest Place on Earth, to check out their 60th Anniversary. Check out some cool new fireworks, fun in Carsland, a new Haunted Mansion Ghost, and more in this update.