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    Djurs Sommerland Review

    Our official review of Djurs Sommerland. This may not be the biggest park in Denmark, but it's growing and has a lot of great rides, including the best coaster in Denmark, an Intamin Mega-Lite and much more. Check it all out in our official review of Djurs Sommerland.

    Legoland Billund Review

    Our official review of Legoland Billund. Yep, we're reviewing another Legoland park, and these places are awesome. This place has a cool family coaster with a fun surprise, one of the craziest flat rides ever, some really fun dark rides, cool water rides, and a ton more stuff all involving legos. Check out our review and see what all you can do with legos.

    Hansa Park Review

    Our official review of Hansa Park. This fun little park in Northern Germany is definetly one of the more underrated parks in Europe, featuring some really good coasters, some fun flat rides, beautiful theming, and a lot more that you can check out in our official park review.

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    Bon Bon Land Review

    Our official review of Bon Bon Land. One of the strangest theme parks in the world. This is a park with cow boobs, a dog fart coaster, a rat vomit log flume, and plenty more strange and wacky attractions. Check out just how strange the rides are here in this review.

    Universal Studios Hollywood 2017

    We're back at Universal Studios to check out the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and all the other new stuff they've added since our last visit. Check out Harry Potter, Transformers, and many more simulators and other rides themed to some of Hollywoods biggest films.

    Tivoli Gardens Review

    Our official review of Tivoli Gardens. Located right in the heart of Copenhagen, this is not only one of the oldest parks in the Europe, but also a personal favorite of mine. Check out some good rides, a balanced park, great theming, and see why the park has thrived over the years.

    Incrediblecoasters Winter 2016 - Disneyland Resort

    We check out the Disneyland Resort for the holiday season, and of course, a lot has changed. Check out all the holiday decorations, the new Frozen show, Soaring Around the World, and say your goodbyes to Tower of Terror.

    Incrediblecoasters Winter 2016 - Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Holiday in the Park is back at Six Flags Magic Mountain and we're here to check it all out again. See all the pretty lights, as well as some fun rides on X2, Twisted Collosus, and a full grown man freaking out on a kiddy coaster.

    Incrediblecoasters Winter 2016 - Knotts Berry Farm

    We're here at Knotts Berry Farm to check out the park as Knotts Merry Farm. And yeah. There's lots of pretty christmas decorations, as well as plenty of Ghostrider, Xcelerator, and more good stuff in this update.