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    HangTime Opening Day

    A major coaster just opened up in Southern California, and we're here to check it out. That's right. HangTime has officially opened at Knotts Berry Farm. Check out this review where we showcase Knotts brand new 2018 coaster, and see cool photos, our official HangTime review, as well as some other fun in this small update.

    Spring SFMM 2018

    We've taken a few visits to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and we figured that it's time that we did an update highlighting these visits. Check out some great coasters, like X2 and Twisted Collosus, as well as Lex Luthor with VR, some people embarassing themselves credit whoring, and one of the best resteraunts in Valencia.

    Knotts Boysenberry Festival

    The Boysenberry Festival is back at Knotts Berry Farm, and we're here to check it all out. Take a look at some of the great food offerings that they have, such as some classics like Boysenberry Wings, Ribs, and the Fun Stick and Fun Bun. Also check out some great new stuff like the Boysenberry Sausage and Boba Tea. Oh, and Xcelerator has finally opened back up. So you get to see that in this update as well. =)

    Silverwood Review

    Check out our official review of Silverwood. This is one of the most isolated parks in America, being right up in the Northern Idaho panhandle, being far away from pretty much all other theme parks, so not very many coaster enthusiasts make it up here. But it's a really fun park with some really cool coasters. Check it all out in this review we have of the park.

    Six Flags Over Georgia Review

    Check out our official review of Six Flags Over Georgia. This is one of the original Six Flags parks, and something really worth checking out as it's easily one of the better parks in the Six Flags chain. Check out one of the best B&M Hypers, one of the best B&M Stand Ups, a classic Schwarzkoph, and more as we go over all this park has to offer in our park review.

    Incrediblecoasters Winter 2017 - Disneyland Resort

    We're back at the Disneyland Resort for the holiday season and to check out all of the cool new stuff they've been adding. Check out some of Disneyland's classic attractions, as well as the new Guardians of the Galaxy drop tower, and be sure to check out the Redhead and Paradise Pier before they get their makeovers in 2018.

    Incrediblecoasters Winter 2017 - Six Flags Magic Mountain

    We did a visit to Holiday in the Park back in November, and figured we might as well share the photos with our Holiday updates. Check out all the Holiday in the Park photos we took, as well as a couple of roller coasters, construction on Magic Mtn Pkwy, and even discussion of the recent SoCal wildfires.

    Lake Winnie Review

    Check out our official review of Lake Winnie. Sure this small little park on the Georgia Tennessee border may not be super big, or totally well known with enthusiasts. But it's a fun little park with a good wooden coaster, some really unique flat rides, a few really heesy rides, and more. Check it all out in this park review.

    Dollywood Review

    Check out our official review of Dollywood. You may not think much of a theme park owned by Dolly Parton, but this is actually one of the best parks in America. Just like it's sister park, Silver Dollar City, Dollywood is home to some great roller coasters, a bunch of other cool rides, great food, and so much more that we tackle in this park review.

    Fall 2017 Photos - Fright Fest

    Halloween 2017 continues as we make our way to Six Flags Magic Mountain for Fright Fest. Sure, we may not do as much mazes, and it's not as exciting as Knotts Scary Farm. But check out some cool Fright Fest decorations, some really good coasters, and more Halloween fun in this update.