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    Deep South 2016 - Six Flags Over Georgia

    Sadly, its the last park of the trip. But hey, Six Flags Over Georgia is a great park and easily one of the best in the chain. Check out some good coasters, a great drop tower, a unique dark ride in a Six Flags Park, and lots more fun in this update. =)

    Deep South 2016 - Lake Winnie

    We're here at one of the smaller parks in the Deep South, Lake Winnie. Check out all the stuff this cool little park has to offer, as well as an Alpine Coaster in Pigeon Forge and even some fun down in Alabama. =)

    Deep South 2016 - Dollywood

    We've made it to one of the best parks in the country, Dollywood. And yeah. It's freaking awesome. It's got some really good coasters, a great atmosphere, some of the best food in the industry, and it's the sister park of Silver Dollar City. Check out our update and see just all that Dollywood has to offer. =)

    Deep South 2016 - Carowinds

    We're off on another trip, hitting up the Deep South. And to start out the trip, we hit up one of the better Cedar Fair parks. Check out the best B&M ever, some other cool rides, some good Southern food, and even check out a local credit whoring stop as we beigin our Southern Journey. =)

    Elitch Gardens Review

    Our official review of Elitch Gardens. A park that may not have a good coaster collection, but hey. It's a well run park with a couple of unique rides. Check out our review of Denver's biggest amusement park.

    SunSplash 2016

    We head on up to Nor Cal for another fun weekend. Yeah, it's a bummer that Joker was closed, but we still not only have some fun at SFDK, but we also get a new credit, have another great burger, and check out the best water park in all of California. Seriously, this place is awesome! I mean, they have a Bazooka Bowl clone! Check it all out in this update.

    Frontier City Review

    Our official review of Frontier City. Most people don't really check it out since its mainly just a small little park in Oklahoma City. And while there's not much special about the park, it is a fun little park. Check out our review of it.

    Six Flags Over Texas Review

    Our official review of Six Flags Over Texas. While the park does have some really good roller coasters including the first ever RMC, the park does have a lot of problems, including terrible operations, that they need to overcome. Check out all that we have to say about Six Flags Over Texas in our review.

    Galveston Pier Review

    Our official review of the Galveston Pier. A small little pier that may not have a ton, but it does have some really cool rides, including a kickass Eurofighter with a great view of the Gulf of Mexico, that you can see in our review.

    Sea World San Antonio Review

    Our official review of Sea World San Antonio. While this Sea World doesn't have as many animals as its cousins in San Diego and Orlando, it still has plenty to learn about marine life, as well as some really good coasters. Check it all out in our review.