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    Funtown Splashtown U.S.A Review

    Our official review of Funtown Splashtown U.S.A. This small little park in Maine may not be very well known, but its a really nice park with a lot of charm and an underrated CCI Woodie.

    Palace Playland Review

    Our official review of Palace Playland. Check out this small little park off the shore of Old Orchard Beach and see what all this unknown park has to offer besides credit whoring (not much).

    Six Flags New England Review

    Our official review of Six Flags New England. Check out this underrated Six Flags Park and see our take on all it has to offer, including one of the best coasters on the planet, Bizarro.

    L.A County Fair 2014

    Our official visit to the L.A County Fair has once again. See crazy flat rides, a lot of cool animals, hear how amazing GoPros are, and even see the return of Backdraft (possibly).

    TPR's Scandinavia Trip - Day 17 - Linnemaki

    Sadly, we have reached the last day of the Scandinavia Trip and we're ending it all at Helsinki's local city park, Linnemaki. See some intersting coasters, the craziest flat ride in the world, clowns, and even go sight-seeing in Helsinki.

    Lake Compounce Review

    Lake Compounce is not exactly the park you think about when it comes to big name thrills. But thanks to its star attraction, Boulderdash, the park gained recognizition as home to one of the best coasters in the U.S.A.

    TPR's Scandinavia Trip - Day 16 - Sarkanemmi

    Today's park is Sarkanemmi, one of the bigger parks in Finland and easily one of the most intersting parks out there. With this park's cool coasters, strange dolphin shows, jet boating, and angry birds, you don't want to miss out on this park.

    TPR's Scandinavia Trip - Days 14 & 15 - Power Park

    We're at Power Park, the most northern (major) park in the world. Check out Thunderbird, a great GCI, cool flat rides, a nice steak, a real go kart race, and even check out two bonus credit whoring parks for more fun throughout Finland.

    Six Flags Magic Mountain Summer 2014

    Time for our yearly Six Flags Magic Mtn Summer Update from all my little mini visits. Check out Six Flags Hurricane Harbor's newest ride in 10 years, get a new credit, and say farewell to Collosus as we get our last rides in.

    TPR's Scandinavia Trip - Days 12 & 13 - Grona Lund

    Grona Lund is an awesome park, featuring Insane, Twister, Jetline, and more great coasters. They also have great flat rides, a nice setting and I even got a chance to climb a starflyer. Check it out and see us cruise from Stockholm to Helsinki afterwards.