Alpine Bobsled Review

Today at the Great Escape, we're here to review Alpine Bobsled. After squeezing into the ride's cars, you climb up the lift hill. Now keep in mind that these cars have absolutely no leg room. So tall guys, beware. Once you reach the top, you curve down the first drop. It's not much, but it's still pretty fun. After picking up some speed, we head straight into a turn. Now on a bobsled, there are no upstop wheels or side wheels, so these cars can move around on the track. So on the turns, you swing up a little bit. It's almost like a suspended coaster. It's pretty cool. We're rolling quite a bit. This is really cool. Unfortunetly, we hit a set of brakes right after that big turn, reducing our speed back to nothing. We then go down another twisty drop. This twisty drop however, is much more exciting than our first drop as we sway more on this one. We then go through a sort of S turn where we turn right only to then turn left. On bobsleds, this is awesome as it provides a pretty good swaying sensation. However, we then just glide into yet another brake run. And these brake runs hurt your thighs due to the lack of legroom. So that is not a good thing. Then there's another twisty drop. Unfortunetly, this one is not nearly as crazy as the other ones. We go through another S Turn, only also not nearly as insane that leads right into, another brake run. At this point, I just want to scream "STOP IT WITH THE F*CKING MILLION MID COURSE BRAKES!!!!!!!!" Then we roll down a sort of half helix before rolling through a slow turn into the final brake run. While it's an interesting ride, it really feels watered down. I mean, I'm sure without the million mid course brakes, this thing would haul ass. While it sucks to see the ride toned down so much, it's at least a semi unique ride as there arn't that many Intamin Bobsleds around. So I'd still give it a ride while at the Great Escape.


Location: Great Escape

Opened at Six Flags Great Adventure in 1984

Moved to Six Flags Great America in 1989

Moved to the Great Escape in 1998

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: August 3, 2011

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