Behemoth Review

We're here at Canada's Wonderland. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Behemoth. This is one of the star attractions of Canada's Wonderland and one of the better B&M Hypers. You then get in the car and pull down the clamshell lap bar. Now clamshells are awesome as you have a lot of freedom. But trust me. They keep you in. You then begin to climb the lifthill. Higher and Higher you go. If you are lucky and have very good vision, you may just see the CN Tower from the Behemoth lifthill. We have reached the top and get a great view of the big country known as Canada as well as many of the hills on Behemoth. And then, you drop. You get some good airtime on the first drop and gain A LOT of speed going down that first drop. We then shoot up into the sky and fly over the bigass hill. We too, get some good floater air right there. We then shoot up and start twisting into a hammerhead. The hammerhead is really cool as you really fly through it. And on Behemoth, it feels like you never lose any speed. We then roar up into another bunny hill, when BAM!!!! A set of trim brakes. =( Dammit!! I jinxed the ride again!!! But luckily, these trims don't do any real damage to the ride experience. =) But then, on the next two bunny hops we go through, there are more sets of trim brakes. But luckily, they pretty much don't do anything!! I think B&M pretty much realized that first set of trims didn't work, so they put trims on the next hill, but they didn't work, so they put trims on the next hill, and they didn't work, so B&M just said "Ahh F*ck It!!! We give up!!!" And then we rise up again, and whala!!! We have landed on the midcourse brakes. Because when trims fail, you can always rely on your mid course brakes. We have finally lost a lot of speed. We then roll straight into a downward helix, which pretty much acts like a spiral drop and gives us a lot of speed, rather than alot of Gs. We then start twisting up in the air, be then realize that Behemoth isn't a twister and we then drop back down. We then go over a bunny hop and get more floater air. And floater air is always good. We then rise up, and hit the brake run. Behemoth is definetly one of the better B&M Hypers, and honestly, my 2nd favorite (Goliath @ SFOG is #1). I am definetly looking foreword to riding more B&M Hypers and coming back to Canada's Wonderland for not only the other new B&Ms, but more rides on Behemoth.


Location: Canada's Wonderland

Opened: 2008

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: August 7, 2008

Behemoth Photos