Big Thunder Mountain Review

We're here at Disneyland. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Big Thunder Mtn. One of the finest mine trains. After you get in the cars, you head into a tunnel filled with screams until you reach the lifthill, once you reach the lifthill, you see all sorts of waterfalls around it. However, after climbing the lifthill, you slowly rise out of the tunnel and head for the first drop. Then you twist out of the first drop. As you spiral down gaining speed, it's all fun. Then you go around a left turnaround. Then you get a good pop of airtime afterwards. While it's not Coaster Ejector airtime, it's still a lot of fun. Then you turnaround again, right before dropping into a tunnel filled with more hillbilly screams. Somewhere in that tunnel, there's a brake run. After the brake run, you turnaround and climb lifthill #2. During that climb, you can see the track you're about to go through. Once you get to the top, you see the goat with dynamite. As much as you want the goat to share some of that dynamite, you just don't have time to get any as you are twisting down the second drop. After that, you head up and pass the lifthill. Then you just slam into Thunder Mtn's FAKE HELIX OF DEATH!!!!!! This fake helix of death is extra cool since it has two tunnels in it! After that winding and spiraling, you bounce up into a little hill before hitting the brakes. Then you turnaround and go up lifthill #3. In Florida, this lifthill shakes, and unfortunetly, here it's just an ordinary lift hill. But at least you get a picture of rocks shaking. Then you slowly crest the lifthill. You wait for the rest of the car to leave the lift before you head down another twisted drop. Then you go through another turnaround, but that turnaround is actually a helix because before you know it, you're on a bridge above where you were before. Then you head for the final twisted drop. Which is fun. Then you rise up into the final brake run. Florida's Thunder Mountain is *slightly* better because of it's shaking 3rd lifthill, and the Paris Thunder Mountain. Yeah, its just better. But this is still a great mine train and I highly reccomend riding it if you're visiting the Dinseyland Resort.


Location: Disneyland Resort

Opened: 1979

Built by: Vekoma

Last Ridden: December 17, 2016

Big Thunder Mountain Photos