Blue Fire Review

Today, we'll be reviewing Blue Fire. This is a custom made coaster by Mack built specifically for Europa Park, cause keep in mind, Europa Park is sort of a testing ground for Mack Rides. And yeah. This is a really fun coaster. It was unique at the time, still is fairly unique, but is now catching on with other Mack Launchers being built that are really fun. So let's go. We hop up and get into the seats and pull down the lap bars. Now as you notice, these trains are EXTREMELY comfortable. If you're small, it almost seems like a floorless coaster due to the seats being elevated, which also improves your view in the back rows. And we're off!! The doors open and we first roll around a turn in the dark. The music starts playing and we see these...scientists, doing their thing and saving the world by discovoring extraterrestrial life, curing horrible diseases, or allowing us to embark on a really fun roller coaster. Let's see which route they end up going for this ride. We go through more straight track, through the mist and flashing lights. We arrive up to a wall, and this siren goes off. It just beeps and Beeps and BEEPS, driving us crazy like that stupid alarm that tells me to get up and do stupid bullsh*t I don't want to do!! Anyways, the doors open, and we launch. It's a really fun launch. I wouldn't quite call it an amazing launch, but it does give us a really nice sense of speed and there is a little bit of shove to the acceleration. I can certainly think of much weaker launches. We then head up into this...really strange...funky...bizzare sort of turnaround. It's like this really high banked turn, except it never unbanks at the top, but it loses all of its speed, so you're going really slow and feel like you're going to roll back on this giant banked turn as we are sideways meters up in the air. Anyways, we make it over the...funky hill and roar back down to the ground, speed pouring on, as we now get to "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!". We then fly out of the rock tunnel and into the loop. The main big inversion of the ride. It takes away a lot of our speed, but we get some nice hangtime at the top. And with these comfy lap bars, I really enjoy it. And yeah, we swoop back down. I think you see a pattern. Blue Fire is a very graceful and swoopy ride. But WHOA! WAIT A SECOND!! We then go into this sort of mini-stengal dive that gives us some FORCE!! Yeah, you get some really strong laterals here before heading up into the mid course brakes, where we actually get a nice pop of ejector air. When the hell did this floaty and graceful ride suddenly become aggressive? All right. Moving on. The mid course acts more like a set of trim brakes as we head down a fun drop to the ground as we get to "TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!" AGAIN!!! We pop out and head into this corkscrew that gives us some nice whip. Man, I really like the direction this ride is going in. And it's only going to get better from here on out. We head around another curve, and thanks to the rock walls around us (lovely theming), the sense of speed is exxagerated and we just roll into another corkscrew. And man, it is strong with even more whip than the last one. So much for being a floater. This thing is mean. We then head into a small little airtime hill, getting a nice pop of ejector air as well as threading the eye of the loop, which I always enjoy. It's a very pleasent visual gag. We head around a nice turn, it's not too crazy. A nice to catch your breath. A nice chance to...HOLY SH*T!!! OH MY GOD!!! We just PLOW through an inline twist, and if you thought those corkscrews were agressive, this final inline twist on Blue Fire is just...dumbfounding. It is the 2nd strongest inversion on any coaster, only losing out to Ispeed. I'm going to let that sink in for a second. Blue Fire has one of the most aggressive inversions on any coaster in the world. We go around a final turn by the rock wall, and glide into the brake run. WOW!!! I'm not sure what kind of expectations people come into for Blue Fire. I sort of just never thought about it. But I LOVED this ride. It is one of those coasters that is both floaty and agressive. It just does the whole variety, and the longer it goes on, the meaner it gets. I am so happy that more rides like Blue Fire are popping up in the world, and apparently they even cloned this ride in Russia. Hey!! Great!! I love Blue Fire!! The more, the better!! Definetly make sure you ride this coaster when you go to Europa Park. It really is one of the star attractions in this park.


Location: Europa Park

Opened: 2009

Built by: Mack

Last Ridden: June 25, 2012

My raw footage video of Blue Fire.

Blue Fire Photos