Dragon Review

We're here at Bowcraft Playland, and of course, we're here for credit whoring. Now Crossbow may be the official major coaster of the dinky little park, don't forget that they also have a kiddy coaster. A real, actual kiddy coaster. So yeah. We still got that, since we're most likely total whores here. So take your seats, cause here we go. We start out with a tire driven lift hill, and then just drop down into a mini little helix. You then rise up just to go down into yet another helix. Man, what is it with this park and helixes? Both of their coasters are essentially nothing but helixes. Huh, strange. So yeah, we exit out of the helix and...that's it. Time to just go around another lap on this...interesting ride. Ok, who am I kidding? It's just a boring kiddy coaster, and now that we got the credit, we have to take many laps anyway, just to entertain the other kids since they want a ride that doesn't last only 20 seconds. The downsides of credit whoring. But hey, you got your credit, and that's what's important.


Location: Bowcraft Playland

Opened: Unknown

Built by: Wisdom Rides

Last Ridden: July 27, 2011

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