Drop Out Photos

We're here at Raging Waters, where we'll be reveiwing Drop Out. This is the Official Drop Slide of Raging Waters. However, the stairs arn't that high, so you think to yourself "Surely it's not that small." And while it is on a hill, so it's higher than the stairs you climb. But still. Everything comparing it to Venom Drop is bullsh*t. Venom Drop is much bigger. This is about the same size as Tidal Wave Tower at Soak City Palm Springs. It even has the same terrain usage as Tidal Wave Tower. And like Tidal Wave Tower, it's a very fun slide, and is without a doubt, my second favorite slide at Raging Waters. And if you're wondering what my favorite is, read the rest of Raging Waters Slide Reviews and you'll figure it out.


Location: Raging Waters

Opened: I honestly don't know.

Built by: White Water Slides

Last Ridden: July 21, 2010

Drop Out Photos