High Roller Review

We're here at Valleyfair and todays ride we'll be reviewing is High Roller. Once you get in the cars and pull down the lap bars and buckle the seatbelt, you're on your way. You roll around a turn and then head straight towards the lift hill. The lifthill gives you a nice view of Valleyfair. Eventually, we reach the top, we slowly crest over the top, and BAM!!! We're falling. Down and down we go!!! We gain a semi-decent amount of speed. It's not a lightning fast ride, but its a lot of fun. We then go up a small hill. We rise up, and get a nice pop of minor ejector air. How lovely. But then, after that pop of airtime, we hear something horrible. Something truely awful. Trim brakes. Really really strong trim brakes. F*CKING LAME!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, these trim brakes are bad. We then head down the hill, getting some speed back, but yeah. We're not going very fast. We then rise up a hill, we get absolutely no airtime. None at all. And to make things worse, we're taking this turnaround at incredibly slow speeds. Yeah. That trim brake over there offically raped this ride. We then head down another small drop. We don't gain much speed from it. We then go up a small hill. There is no airtime here at all whatsoever. And yeah. It's just the same thing again and again. 3 bunny hops, right in a row. And every single one of them with no airtime at all whatsoever. We then rise up, go through a small turn to head down a small drop and up into another tiny little bunny hop with no airtime at all. We then rise up a small hill, go through a turn around and glide straight into the brake run. Yeah. I really am not a fan of this coaster. It's annoying due to the fact that it is just so damn forceless. But what really bothers me is that trim brake. I really belive that this can be a fun little wooden coaster without it. But with it, it just becomes a supremely dull ride filled with nothing but airtimeless bunny hops. There's nothing really wrong with it, other than being raped by a trim brake. If you need the credit or the line is short, I guess you could take a spin on it. But don't really expect much.


Location: Valleyfair

Opened: 1976

Built by: International Amusement Devices

Last Ridden: August 15, 2010

High Roller Photos