Incrediblecoasters 2005! Volume 1

Incrediblecoasters 2005
Volume 1

Incredible Coasters Season 1.
1.Opening, 2.Silver Bullet Media Day, 3.Palm Springs 2005,4. 13th Birthday Party, 5. Raging Waters 2005, 6. Six Flags Magic Mountain Summer 2005, 7. Ventura County Fair 2005, 8. Six Flags Marine World 2005, 9. Disneyland Summer 2005, 10. SFHH/SFMM/Party, 11. Fall 2005 Photos DLR, 12. Fall 2005 Photos KBF, 13. Last 2005 Update, 14. Closing.

Incrediblecoasters 2005 is the movie version of all the updates from 2005. It highlights commonly known places in Socal such as Six Flags Magic Mtn, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and a few other places. Unforenetly, It does show multiple clips of the same parks though and a few of the clips are crappy. However, on Incrediblecoasters, I try to put the same coaster shots, fun and stupidity in the movies that I do in Updates.

Parks shown in Incrediblecoasters 2005.
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Disneyland Resort
Knotts Berry Farm
Six Flags Marine World
Raging Waters
Ventura County Fair
Soak City Palm Springs
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Incrediblecoasters 2005 Songlist

1.Opening-All Star-Smashmouth
2.Silver Bullet Media Day-Folsom Prison Blues-Johnny Cash
3.Palm Springs 2005-Fun Fun Fun-The Beach Boys
4.13th Birthday Party-We like to Party-The Vengaboys
5.Raging Waters 2005-Danger Zone-Kenny Loggins
6.Six Flags Magic Mtn Summer 2005-Fatlip-Sum 41
7.Ventura County Fair 2005-Boom Boom Boom Boom-The Vengaboys
8.Six Flags Marine World 2005-American Idiot-Green Day
9.Disneyland Summer 2005-Pour some Sugar on me-Deff Lepord
10.SFHH/SFMM/Party-I fought the law-The Clash
11.Fall 2005 Photos DLR-On and On-Bowling for Soup
12.Fall 2005 Photos KBF-Only One-Yellowcard
13.Last 2005 Update-I'm just a kid-Simple Plan
14.Closing-Ring of Fire-Johnny Cash

We have some Samples of Volume 2 if you have any interest in Volume 1. If you have a crazy iea of wanting it, email me.

Palm Springs
Six Flags Marine World