Incrediblecoasters 2006! Volume 2

Incrediblecoasters 2006
Volume 2

Incredible Coasters Season 2.
1.Opening, 2.First 2006 Update, 3. The Evil Dreaded Sun Wheel, 4.DC, 5. 14th Birthday Party, 6.Knotts Summer 2006, 7. Santa Monica Pier, 8. Six Flags Magic Mountain Summer 2006, 9. Disneyland Summer 2006, 10. Ventura County Fair 2006, 11. Paramounts Great America, 12. Fall 2006 Photos, 13. Hawaii, 14. Closing.

Incrediblecoasters 2006 is the movie version of all the updates from 2006. It highlights commonly known places in Socal such as Six Flags Magic Mtn, Disneyland and a few other places. Unforenetly, It does show multiple clips of the same parks though. However, on Incrediblecoasters, I try to put the same coaster shots, fun and stupidity in the movies that I do in Updates. Volume 2 is also diffrent from Volume 1 as it shows Noncoaster places unlike Volume 1.

Parks shown in Incrediblecoasters 2006.
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Disneyland Resort
Knotts Berry Farm
Paramounts Great America
Ventura County Fair
Santa Monica Pier
Twin Falls
Various Monuments in DC
Old Country Williamsberg
Amish Country
Driveby Shots of Dutch Wonderland and Paramounts Kings Dominion

Incrediblecoasters 2006 Songlist

1.Opening - Tribute - Tenacious D
2.First 2006 Update - Best Friend - Toybox
3.The Evil Dreaded Sun Wheel - No music
4.DC - Memory - Sugarcult
5.14th Birthday Party - Ecuador - Sash
6.Knotts Summer 2006 - Take me Out - Franz Ferdinand
7.Santa Monica Pier - Waking the Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold
8.Six Flags Magic Mtn Summer 2006 - The Art of Losing - American HiFi
9.Disneyland Summer 2006 - All Cartoons are Freakin Dicks - Family Guy
10.Ventura County Fair - Hypnotize - System of a Down
11.Paramounts Great America - Mighty Wings - Cheap Trick
12.Fall 2006 Photos - Come On Come On - Smashmouth
13.Hawaii - Kokomo - The Beach Boys
14.Closing - What I got - Sublime

We have some Samples of Volume 2 if you have any interest in Volume 2. If you have a crazy iea of wanting it, email me.

14th Birthday Party
Paramounts Great America