Incrediblecoasters Volume 3

Incrediblecoasters Volume 3 is the movie version of all the updates from 2007. It highlights great theme parks around the country such as Six Flags Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, Islands of Adventures, Disneyland Resort, and Walt Disney World. Another great improvement about Volume 3 is that there are no multiple repeats of certain theme parks like in Volume 1 and Volume 2. The segments are also much better with more thought put into it than any segment of Volume 1 or Volume 2. Another accomplishment on Volume 3 is that it includes a segment called Bottlediving. Bottlediving isn't a theme park, water park, or any sort of place at all. It's the first ever Incrediblecoasters Game!!!! Chop full of stupidity!!! And if you're upset about the censors on the updates, Then you'll be happy to hear that Volume 3 is completely uncensored. F**k and s**t are both said without any censors. Just to make you happy, I'll temporarily uncensor them for the moment. Fuck and shit. Ok, back to censoring. But seriously. More effort was put into Volume 3 than Volume 1 or Volume 2.

Parks shown in Incrediblecoasters Volume 3.
Belmont Park
Busch Gardens Africa
Cedar Point
Disneyland Resort
Disney World Resort
Geauga Lake
Knotts Berry Farm
Sea World San Diego
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Soak City Palm Springs
Universal Islands of Adventures
Ventura County Fair
Wild Rivers

Incrediblecoasters Volume 3 Songlist

1. Opening - Stuck in America - Sugarcult
2. Six Flags Magic Mountain - Reminissions - Avenged Sevenfold
3. Knotts Berry Farm - Scum of the Earth - Rob Zombie
4. Geauga Lake - Shot Down - US Bombs
5. Cedar Point - Ready to Go - Republica
6. Hersheypark - Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
7. Ventura County Fair - You Spin Me Right Round Baby - Dope
8. Bottlediving!!!! - No music
9 .Wild Rivers - Kill Rock'N'Roll - System of a down
10. Palm Springs - California Girls - The Beach Boys
11. Sea World/Belmont Park - Lights and Sounds - Yellowcard
12. Disneyland Resort - Shut Up and Smile - Bowling for Soup
13. Busch Gardens Africa - Welcome to the Jungle - Guns'N'Roses
14. Disney World Resort - Walk this Way - Aerosmith
15. Universal Islands of Adventures - Wonderboy - Tenacious D
16 .Closing - My Friends over You - Newfound Glory

And once again, Volume 3 is our best and finest album yet. Parks around the country uncensored!!! We have some downloadables for you down there. If you want to buy Volume 3, Email me and we'll work things out.

Geauga Lake
Cedar Point
Disneyland Resort
Universal Islands of Adventures