Stinger Review

Now the Stinger may be located at Dorney Park, but when I last rode it, it was located at California's Great America, and called Invertigo. The Stinger is a cool ride as it is a boomerang in all ways aside from the fact that it is an Inverted coaster, making it one of the three Inverted Boomerangs in existance today (It should be 4th if Movieland Studios can re-build Two Face there). After the doors open, you get into the seat and pull down the shoulder restraint and buckle the seatbelt. One interesting thing about these trains is that you end up facing people right by you. Then the floor drops and away you go. Then it's up the lifthill we go. While it's fun to kinda hang there, what we're really hoping for is to get stuck on the lifthill. Because if we get stuck on the lifthill for a couple minutes, we will get a free visit to Knotts Berry Farm (Or would that be a free visit to Hersheypark now thanks to the relocation to Dorney Park)!!! But the Stupid Media will have to find something else to completely blow out of proportion as the Stinger is currently working. Then we drop down into the station. We try to wave hello to those in the station, but they can only hear the screams of those around us for the doors make them unable to see us. Then we soar up into the cobra roll. Unlike on many other Boomerangs, this is completely smooth and quite a lot of fun. Then we twist into the second part of the cobra roll and dive back down. Now it's time for the loop. The loop is qute strong and provides us with quite a few forces. Now we go up the spike as now it's time for us to do it all backwards!! Or forewards if you decided to do it backwards first. Now if you're sitting across from someone who is terrified of this ride and scared to do it again, you're probably too busy laughing your ass off to notice the ride as you just keep laughing at brick that the person shat in their pants. Then we drop back down. The loop is still pretty strong and fun in the oppisite direction, then we soar back up into the cobra roll to twist around and land back into the station. While it's no DejaVu, it's still better than a normal boomerang and is quite a lot of fun. Unfortunetly, something as simple as getting stuck on the lifthill can cause the f*cking media to freak out and treat it as if this was a mass murder accident. I mean, this got reported in Europe! It was that big of a deal!!! I mean, this is about as big of an accident as when I got stuck in the Cold Chamber on Test Track! Hell, I think this is what caused California's Great America to move Invertigo to Dorney Park. But hey, at least they didn't immedietly close it like Six Flags America did (Still waiting on you Movieland Studios to rebuild it). Don't listen to what anybody says about "ZOMG!!!111 INVVEERTIGOA IZ A KILIN MASHIN CUZ ALL DOS PPL GT STUK UPZIDON ON DA RID!!!!!!111!!!11111!" That's all bullsh*t and I would totally recommend you ride this when you're visiting Dorney Park.


Location: Dorney Park

Opened at California's Great America in 1998

Relocated to Dorney Park in 2012

Built by: Vekoma

Last Ridden: October 28, 2006

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