Matterhorn Review

We're here at Disneyland and the ride we'll be reveiwing for you is in fact the worlds first steel coaster. The Matterhorn. After getting in the seats, you buckle the seatbelt, and then you go into the mountain and climb up the lifthill. If you look to your other side, you can see the other side climbing the lifthill. You can also see a video of some snow. Once cresting the lifthill, you turn around into a little straight track in the dark. Then a pair of red eyes start to glow as you hear a growl. Then you make a turnaround around some crystals. Unfortunetly, the other side is closer to you. But not to worry, You'll get your revenge on them later. Then you get a glimpse of something terrifying. The abominable snowman. Back in the 60s, this used to scare people. But people did LSD back then. Nowadays, we see the abominable snowman not as our enemy, but as our friend. I mean, come on! We're all abominable snowmen if you think about it. Instead of recognizing him as a monster, we recognize him as our Uncle Joe. I mean, he's big, hairy, loud, hungry, he's JUST LIKE Uncle Joe!!!! But then we twist down a small curved drop before curving back up. Then you go through a big turnaround. Then you go through yet another turnaround. This is followed by a little bit of straight track. This followed with yet another turnaround. And this turnaround leads straight into a spiral up. We go through yet another turnaround, then we go into a small drop that leads us into a tunnel. We quickly say hi to our Uncle Joe before we are whipped into yet another turnaround that leads to some straight track. This leads us into a few turns. And then, here comes the best part of the ride. Remember when I said we were going to get revenge on the other track, well now's the time. They are going on a bridge back into the mountain. We, on the other hand are going to get EJECTOR AIR as we drop underneath the bridge. That is seriously some great airtime. Then you go through another turnaround. Then you go through more turns until you reach the other airtime hill. Another yank out of our seats will bring joy and cheer to us. Then you get ready for the grand finale. The Splashdown. Down you go until you crash into the water. But don't worry, you don't get wet. Then you cruise through a turn and hit the brake run. This is a very fun ride. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Disneyland Resort. Oh yeah, RIDE THE TOMORROWLAND SIDE!!!!! That's the side with airtime. Don't worry, it's all one credit. So you might as well get your credit the airtime filled way. Another thing is that your ride will be better if you get a bobsled to yourself. Then you can lay down and still have fun on the ride.


Location: Disneyland Resort

Opened: 1959

Built by: Arrow

Last Ridden: December 22, 2016

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