Mean Streak Review

We're here at Cedar Point. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Mean Streak. When you first walk up to the ride, you think, "Damn! That's a really big wooden coaster. It must be really fun." Unfortunetly, this ride has no forces at all whatsoever. Once you get into the trains, you climb up the big lifthill. After climbing the lifthill for a good long time, you assume you're in for a treat. Then we finally reach the top. At this point, we are really looking foreward to the ride that we're about to go through. But as we're going through the first drop, we notice that something is not right. We then realize that we go through SEVERAL sets of trim brakes. At the bottom of the first drop, we're probably going at the same speed as a kiddy woodie. We then realie that we have to go through that huge banked curve. We think FOR SURE that we are going to roll back. We make it over the top, but just barely. Then you start to go down another small drop before turning up into a turn. But then we notice our second drop is coming up. And to our joy, there's NO TRIM!!! HOORAY!!!!!! Then we rise up into a sort of curve. You get a nice view of Lake Erie from there. Then we go through a series of curves. During this point of the ride, it is especially easy to fall asleep to to the lack of forces and fun. Then we go through another drop and up into a sort of upward curve into the mid course brakes. At this point, you realize that there is no hope for fun on this ride. Then you go through a curved sort of drop before rising up into a turnaround. Luckily, we've got Lake Erie to look at so we don't fall back asleep. After the turnaround continues in the rides structure, we drop back down and go into a bunny hop with no airtime what so ever. Then we go through this sort of curve in the structure that lasts a while before dipping into some straight track outside the structure. This leads us directly to the brake run. While the ride may look big and scary, it's actually more boring than taking a Calculus Class in Latin. This is SO not worth riding if you are at Cedar Point. Especially with Maverick right next door!!!


Location: Cedar Point

Opened: 1991

Built by: Dinn Coorporation

Last Ridden: July 24, 2007

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