Santa Barbara Fair Review

I took my first visit to the Santa Barbara Fair in 2010. Now since I am not a Santa Barbara Local, this not a normal occurance for me. The reason that I went to the Santa Barbara Fair was because not only did it look like a good fair, but I would not be able to go to the Ventura County Fair that year since I was on the Middle America Trip the entire time it was in town. So I went up to the Santa Barbara Fair to get my fair fix for the year. And not only was the Santa Barbara Fair close, but it is also a really good fair. Like the Ventura County Fair, they had Pole Position as one of their main rides. And like the Ventura County Fair, the fair contained lots of really fun and cool flat rides. However, some of these were really awesome flat rides that the Ventura County Fair doesn't have such as Footloose. And of course, here we found *drumroll please* THE ZIPPER!!!!!!!!! After wishing for the Zipper to come back to the Ventura County Fair for several years, I just had to visit the Santa Barbara Fair, and just like that, I was able to get the Marathon I'd been wanting forever. That alone, made the visit worthwile.


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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of the rest of the Flat Rides that were at the Santa Barbara Fair in 2010. First up of the other flat rides would be Windsurfer. This is basically a Flyer Knock Off. It's fun to ride like flyers. But unfortunetly, they're unsnappable. =( LAME!!!! Oh well. Next up would be Starship 3000. This is one one of those rides that lets you stick to the walls, so that always leads to fun times. They've also got Chairswings, a Scrambler, a Super Slide, bumper cars that you can legally bump other people on =), a carousel, a ferris wheel that's bigger than the one at the Ventura County Fair, and many other carnival flat rides.

Man. If only Windsurfer actually snapped.

Dark Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Dark Rides at the Santa Barbara Fair. And the Santa Barbara Fair happens to be home to one of the greatest dark rides of all time. A little jewel known as Avatar. If you thought Avatar the movie had special effects, you'll be blown away by Avatar the dark ride at the Santa Barbara Fair. This ride makes the movie look like sh*t. It ranks up with Zombie as one of the greatest dark rides in the history of dark rides. You must ride this ride. You must. It's better than Test Track, Spiderman, and Indiana Jones all put together and injected with steroids. It's amazing.

In case you're an idiot, the above is sarcasm. Avatar is a god awful peice of sh*t.


Here are the reviews of all the Food Stands at the Santa Barbara Fair. Well, like any average fair, the Santa Barbara Fair is filled with all sorts of dining options. They had hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, tacos, all sorts of fatty fried fair foods. (Though to be honest, by Fair Standards, it wasn't really that bad for you.) Well, since everything is overpriced, we limited ourselves and never really explored all that the Santa Barbara Fair had to offer. I ended up getting a Bacon Hot Dog for dinner. And to my expectations, it was totally awesome. More places need to serve Bacon Hot Dogs. They are awesome. The only downside is that it was too small. But oh well. It was awesome. So if you ever go to the Santa Barbara Fair, try the Bacon Hot Dogs. They're very good.

Mmm. Bacon Hot Dogs. *Drool*

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at the Ventura County Fair. Well the fair doesn't have a single bit of theming. But it does have other stuff to do. They had all sorts of typical fair exhibits that they usually have at a fair. Though none of it was particuarly outstanding or anything like that. Though one thing that we were able to do at the Santa Barbara Fair that was awesome was that we saw a Surf Asylum Concert. So that was awesome since Surf Asylum is good talented music unlike the majority of what's popular today. But the best part of it was that it was free!!! =) We just sat down and they played. Hopefully they're still playing at the Santa Barbara Fair in later years.


In Conclusion

While I won't be returning to the Santa Barbara Fair again most likely, I can say that it is a really good fair. It may not be the greatest fair ever or as amazing as some fairs I see videos of, but it's not a ghetto fair and I'd recommend that anyone from Santa Barbara check out the Santa Barbara Fair. It's a good fair.


*Get a Wristband if you care about getting on rides. It will QUICKLY pay off!!!

*Have Fun!!!


Santa Barbara, California, USA

Last Day Visited

May 2, 2010

Here's a link to the parks website.