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Sea World San Diego is a very intersting park. When I first visited the park, it was fun, but it seemed more like a real kickass aquarium, and lacked in rides. Luckily, I went back in 2012 and Sea World had added a new roller coaster called Manta. And though my expectations weren't that high, MANTA IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! This ride dramatically improved Sea World and put it on the map for roller coasters as well as just being on the map for its high quality animal shows. You will have a damn good time at Sea World San Diego. Not only do they have a great coaster that despite its small look, is one of the better California Coasters, they do have a really good water ride, many great shows, and of course, they have a lot of fish, whales, and dolphins here. But overall, yeah. Unless you have a strong hatred for dolphins and whales, you'll have a fun time at Sea World San Diego.


1. Roller Coasters

2. Flat Rides

3. Dark Rides

4. Water Rides

5. Dining

6. Theming and other Attractions

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There is a link to a review of all the Rollercoasters at Sea World San Diego.

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Flat Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Flat Rides at Sea World San Diego. Well there's only two flat rides here. So this'll be quick. The first is their Huss Airboat called Riptide Rescue. I'm not exactly sure how popular this flat ride is, but this is currently the only one I've ever seen. The ride is not very exciting by itself. But hey!! A flat ride at Sea World San Diego!!!! The only other flat ride they have is their Observation Tower. I know most people don't consider that a flat ride, but come on. I'm desperate here. Fun fact. You can see Giant Dipper from Belmont Park up there. Yes, I got some Giant Dipper Shots from Sea World San Diego. Oh yeah. They also have a Sesame Street Kids Area. So there's some kiddy flats as well. So yeah. Nothing real interesting in the flat department.

Yes, there is in fact, a flat ride at Sea World San Diego.

Dark Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Dark Rides at Sea World San Diego. Now Sea World San Diego only has one dark ride. And many people wouldn't even consider it as a dark ride. But here at Incrediblecoasters, we consider simulators to be dark rides. So here, the only dark ride would be Wild Arctic. The Simulator. It's a decent simulator, with an Alaskan Theme, except without Sarah Palin (Thank God). But after a little bit, Sea World San Diego goes and says, "Meh. Simulators aren't are thing. Let's turn the ride into an animal walk through. We're good at that." And yeah. They are MUCH better at Animal Walk Throughs than they are at Simulators, as demonstrated by my usual by-passing of the simulator to just see the damn animals themselves. So then you get off and look at some arctic animals. It's very cool that the walk through ties in with the simulator. So they've got a decent simulator/very good walk through. But that's not enough to qualify for the Incrediblecoasters Good Dark Ride Collection Status. Sorry Sea World San Diego.

Water Rides

Here are the reviews of all the Water Rides at Sea World San Diego. Now Sea World San Diego may only have one water ride, but MAN IS THIS A GOOD ONE!!!! =) They have a river rapids ride called Shipwreck Rapids. And yeah. This is a KICKASS rapids ride with great theming and literally SOAKS you from the inside out. You go through a bunch of rapids and do manage to even go under a waterfall. Yeah. There's no escaping the water on this one. And don't you think of standing up like idiots cause I'm pretty sure that Sea World uses video cameras instead of P2s. Its definetly one of my favorite water rides and even made it onto my Top 10 Water Rides. So yeah. Sea World San Diego has a GREAT water ride collection.

You can't escape the water. =)


I did not eat at Sea World San Diego. Ok, I did, but I only ate Popcorn. It was buttery and salty. And I refuse to judge a parks dining just based on their Popcorn.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at Sea World San Diego. As far as theming goes, they have some nice theming on Shipwreck Rapids and the park does look nice, but it's really not too heavily themed. Now onto the other stuff. And really, it's the other stuff that Sea World is famous for. Their Shows. They have a fantastic Christmas Shamu Show which definetly blew my socks off. The Otter Show for Christmas totally had me laughing my ass off, as it was very funny. Now these were just the Christmas Versions of the shows, but I am assuming that they are very good in their normal version. I did see their Dolphin Show in its regular format. And while its not a bad show, I wish it was more Dolphins and less Cirque du Soleil. Now I will admit that they are phasing out their Orca shows in order to build a brand new Orca Exhibit. It does look really cool, I'm just not happy about all the bad publicity that Sea World has gotten as a result of this decision. Oh, and before you tell me how horrible these shows are to whales, I suggest you take a good look and see how your documentary has pretty much been proven to be bullsh*t. No really. Here's 69 ways that Blackfish is a steaming peice of f*cking propaganda. And the fact that Sea World actually caved into these IDIOTS and are phasing out the killer whales. Oh my god. OH MY F*CKING GOD!!! You have no idea just how f*cking ANGRY I AM!!! The fact that they surrendered to these f*cking dipsh*ts SO EASILY!!! Just...Just...GAH!!!! *bangs head on wall repeatedly*. Now they also have various fish and stuff as it is Sea World and it does serve as an aquarium. Don't think that those Blackfish/PETA lunatics won't go after them too. They will. So yeah. Sea World may have a crappy rollercoaster collection, flat ride collection, and dark ride collection, but they kick ass in the shows department, only being behind Disney and Universal. So if there's anything to see Sea World San Diego for, it's their top notch animal shows and whale exhibits (for now ='( ).

This show was awesome. Hopefully the new encounter will be even better.

In Conclusion

Sea World San Diego is a FANTASTIC theme park. They have a great bunch of animals that perform a great bunch of shows. And considering all the good things that Sea World does for animals, its all for a great cause. They have some great water rides, and now, with the addition of Manta, they now have a GREAT roller coaster that is just a ton of fun, and despite its innocent looks, is really one of the best in the state. So yeah, it may not be a major thrill park with a ton of coasters, but that's not the type of park Sea World San Diego is aiming for. But seriously. They have a great coaster, a great water ride, great shows, and are here for a great cause. I HIGHLY recommend you stop by Sea World San Diego when visiting San Diego.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - Sea World San Diego doesn't have a kiddy coaster.


*Make sure you ride Manta. It's AWESOME!!! =)

*Stand up against all the Blackfish Bullsh*t

*Expect it to be crowded as this is heavily marketed and pretty famous

*Prepare to get soaked if you're sitting in the Soak Zone

*Buy random crap to show your support of Sea World

*Don't wear bloody clothes with chainsaws on them (You don't want to scare the dolphins).

*Have Fun!!!

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