Radiator Springs Racers Review

We're here at the Disneyland Resort, ready to ride Radiator Springs Racers. This ride uses the Test Track Technology and finally came to California in 2012 after years and years of running as Test Track in Disney World and Journey to the Center of the Earth at Tokyo Disney Sea (Still have to get there). So yeah. Its about damn time we got this ride, and man oh man. Am I going to enjoy this!!! The whole thing is themed to Cars and its one of the big races. Yeah. Not nearly as good as Test Track. You know, why don't they give Cars (particuarly Mater) the Test Track treatment. Then we can crash him into a wall!!! That'll teach him for being so f*cking obnoxious!!! =) Ok, lets get onto the ride. You get in the car, buckle the seatbelt, and we're off. At first, its very peaceful and relaxing. We're just driving up the mountainside. Just driving and cruising along. Time to floor it and blast "East Bound and Down" by Jerry Reed!!! Now we're driving Incrediblecoasters style!!! =) We then head inside the mountain and into Carsland, because...TALKING CARS!!! EXCITING ISN'T IT!!? Isn't it? Well we'll make a bunch of money selling merchandise with this, so suck it up and live with it. Anyways, apparently a truck was driving on the wrong side of the road, because we're in California, and people here are TERRIBLE DRIVERS. We swerve out of the way and wake up the rest of the cars. Unfortunetly, a train is coming up. But rather than stop and wait, lets just FLOOR IT!!! So we get some speed and make it. Unfortunetly, we hear sirens. After tossing all our "sugar" out the window, we stop. Luckily, he just lets us off with a warning and that we're not racing. Great, then help me find this asshole. But no, he just tells me to follow Mater. Ugh, well hopefully he has some moonshine I can snag from him. We then see a tractor and speed up. YAY!!! SPEED!!! We also get a chance to do some truck tipping and see the truck jump over the moon. "Ha ha. You replaced the cows with trucks because this is a world of cars. Very Funny. We then slow down and are now in the city. We see some shops and then pass on by...*sigh* George Carlin. Oh George Carlin. How did you survive working such sh*tty jobs like this? Anyways, back to the ride. We then meet up with Lightning McQueen and he tells us to get ready to race. Half of us end up getting our tires changed by Luigi. No, not Mario's brothers Luigi. Though that would be awesome. The other half of us get our car sprayed by Ramone. I gotta admit. The tire changing scene with Luigi is actually really well done. You stop and you really feel something. Its a great effect. Good job Disney. We then get ready to race and get more prep talk from Luigi and Lightning McQueen. Blah Blah Blah. Lets get moving!!! We're off!!! We're not moving too fast, but this is fun. Its enjoyable. The theming is very nice. Almost reminds me of driving through the Virgin River Gorge in Arizona. Sweet!! We're heading to Lagoon!!! We go through a nice big curve. Not too crazy, but we have all the great theming. And hopefully we're winning!!! If so, HOORAY!!! If not, DAMN!!!! We then see some bumps. Time to pick up the speed and FLY OVER THEM!!! Sadly, we don't fly over them, but we do get some mild airtime, which is always a nice plus. Plus, its just flat out fun. Swerve around the curve!!! If we were winning, bad news. The enemy is catching up. If we were losing, good news. We're right on their tail!!! We then head into a tunnel and get a nice little surprise. A bonus drop!!! WEE!!! PUSH IT!!! SO CLOSE!!! FLOOR IT!!! THE FINISH LINE IS RIGHT THERE!!! And the winner is...Unknown. It switches throughout various rides. Sometimes we lose, sometimes we win. We then meet up with Lightning McQueen and Mater who tell us that us being friends is whats most important. And we really won because we made new friends. Hey, this is a rare occurance for Incrediblecoasters. It must be documented immedietly. And that's Radiator Springs Racers. Its not nearly as good as Test Track as its not as fast and the theme isn't nearly as fun. But its still a really good, really fun, really well made dark ride that Disney put a lot of effort into and its truely a great ride. Even if its based on my least favorite Pixar Movie. Definetly give it a ride (Oh, and get your fastpass EARLY or else use the Single Riders Line).


Location: Disneyland Resort

Opened: 2012

Built by: Disney

Last Ridden: December 17, 2017

Here's my POV of Radiator Springs Racers.

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