Space Mountain Review

We're here at Disneyland. Today's coaster is actually inside. That means if it rains, you won't be effected by it. And that loses points in my book. I want to ride Space Mtn in the rain so I can say "HA HA Cedar Point! Disneyland runs their rollercoasters in the rain. That's another park better than you!!!" Although Cedar Point closed Disaster Transport in the rain and that was an indoor coaster, so never mind. It still gets those points. In fact, that was so ridiculous that I'm giving it bonus points for being indoors. Then they can make fun of Cedar Point even more!!! Anyways, the coaster is Space Mountain. You get in the seat and pull down the lapbar and away you go. Then you go turn and go up into the first lifthill. You see some pretty lights as you climb this lifthill. Then you turn into the straight track that imitates a launch. All I have to say is Disneyland butchered this effect. It is SO much nicer on Florida's version. Then you go through the second lifthill. On this lift, you have red rotationg lights, and I got to say, they really disorient you. Then you reach the top, you see galaxies and stars. Then you climb a small third lift while a voice counts down, then off you go!!! While I know most of this ride is left turns with a right turn at the end, it's still fun (Even though Florida's is better). I do have some pictures of the track, althoguh that won't help me find out the layout. I'd highly reccomend riding this if you're at the Disneyland resort. Oh yeah, every October, they turn Space Mountain into Space Mtn Ghost Galaxy. And that, unlike Rockin Space Mtn, is awesome. Hopefully it will stay for a really long time. And as for Florida being better, just be thankful it's not Rocking Space Mountain.


Location: Disneyland Resort

Opened: 1977

Built by: Disney

Last Ridden: December 22, 2016

Space Mountain Photos