Thunder Run Review

We're here at Canada's Wonderland to ride Thunder Run. You get in the cars and off you go. You then start to gracefully go around a curve. But then midway through the curve, it accelerates (Hint, Real Rollercoasters CAN'T do this). Then you go in the mountain and do a bunch of turns. After many turns, you see some flashing lights, and break free of the mountain. We then see the station. We turn and head for the station. But we just roll through it (Yup. It goes around twice). I would only recommend riding this if you are bored, go on a very empty day, or are too scared to do the other bigger rides. But hey, it's MUCH better than most powered coasters since all the other powered coasters (in North America) are crappy little Dragon Wagons and other stuff at fairs and a Boomers.


Location: Canada's Wonderland

Opened: 1981

Built by: Mack

Last Ridden: August 7, 2008

Thunder Run Photos