Top 10 Theme Parks

Welcome to an Incrediblecoasters Top 10 List. When we list stuff, we actually explain why. Now when you ask most roller coaster enthusiasts "What's your favorite park?", they'll answer you right away and can give you their favorites right there and then. I however, have never been one to really rank amusement parks. They're simply too different. I enjoy almost all amusememnt parks I go to, and each one usually has a different style. So how can I compare them? How can I compare two completely different types of parks that are both really good but for different reasons? Normally I just seperate the parks I visit into 4 different categorys. Parks that need serious improvement, credit whore stops, parks that are decent and would enjoy returning to but am not in a hurry to go back to, and parks that kick major ass and I want to go back ASAP. But since this is such a popular and interesting question, I've composed the 10 best amusement parks that I have currently been to. Now, this isn't a question of which park do I most want to return to, because that constantly changes based on my mood. The parks on this list have been chosen based on my experience, the oppertunities they provide everyone with, and how the parks are run. And with that said, let's take a look at the Top 10 Greatest Parks that I have been to.




















Heide Park
Soltau, Lower Saxony, Germany

Heide Park is a very interesting park. Its not like most traditional American Parks. Its got a very European feel to it. Not only in its theming and how everything in the park is decorated, but the way it is laid out is very similar to the other European Parks. All right. Hows the coaster selection? Very good. While I won't call it the greatest selection ever, it does have some really good coasters. Their wooden coaster Collosus is really freaking good. It even got the #5 spot on our Top 10 Wooden Coasters List. Its pretty much the German version of El Toro!!! =) It also has two steel coasters Krake and Desert Race. Krake may not be Sheikra, but its a cute ride and a ton of fun. Not to mention the theming is great. And Desert Race is a fun Rocket Coaster despite not going very high off the ground. And they are getting a B&M Wingrider for 2014 that looks fun. So yeah. You've got a Top 10 Wooden Coaster, some really good steel coasters, and no real horrible coasters. Not bad.

But coaster selection isn't everything. There are a lot more things that make a really good park that you must take into account. And while I do really like the Heide Park coaster collection, there are a lot of parks with better coaster collections. So what makes Heide Park rise above all the others? Honestly, its just a really good and a really balanced park. Its coaster collection is balanced with high speeds and crazy ejector air on Collosus, steep drops on Krake, fast turns on Desert Race and a fun mild coaster with their Bobsled. Their flat ride collection is decent with all its flat rides plopped into a nicely themed corner to the old Mayan Civilizations. They have some really fun playgrounds that we had a lot of fun despite the rain and everything being wet. And everything is well themed. The theming on Krake is fantastic, I love everything you go through on Grottenblitz, and everywhere you go in Heide Park, there's just this really nice charm to it that I really like. The food in the park is really good. A lot better than the average park. Their maze is fun, even if its far from the best horror maze I've done, their Western Area is cool, and you can just wander around the place and be happy just for being in a place like Heide Park. And hell. The on-site hotel they have is really freaking good!!! One of the best I've been to!!! Its got a great pirate theme and its done really well!!! Definetly a really good park. Be sure to check it out whenever you're in Germany.




















Savio, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Located in Italy, this is a park should be on every roller coaster enthusiasts destination list. I'm not even saying if you're a theme park fan, you'll love Mirabilandia (though you will). If you're all about roller coasters only, Mirabilandia is still a park for you and is something that should be on your must visit list. Hey, this place isn't Cedar Point, Six Flags Magic Mountain, or Six Flags Great Adventure. What makes this place so special for roller coasters? Well they have not one, but TWO!!! TWO TOP 10 ROLLER COASTERS IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR PARK!!! Yep. I've currently been on over 400 roller coasters and both Katun and Ispeed managed to crack my Top 10 Steel Coasters list. And not only are they both Top 10 worthy, but Ispeed is in the upper half, with its strong launch, extreme airtime, wicked fast turns, and intense as hell inversions. Its absolutely incredible and one of my favorite coasters. So yeah. Thats a really big plus for Mirabilandia.

But there must be more. Surely they can't be able to be the best with just their incredible coasters, Katun and Ispeed. And yeah. There's more. This park has an absolute perfect balance of rides. And I mean PERFECT!!! They have insane roller coasters as I just mentioned, but they have a lot of kiddy coasters too. They have a nice family water coaster that isn't too intense, but is a ton of fun and does a great job of cooling you down in the hot Italian Heat. Yeah. I really do like Divertical. And they have plenty of other water rides, so you won't have to be hot. The food they have is really good, the shows they have sound really cool, and they even have some decent theming. Yeah. This amusement park actually has some good theming. I know that in Italy, Mirabilandia can't really compete in theming to Gardaland which is frequently called the Italian equivelant of Disneyland, and while Gardaland didn't quite make the cut for this list, I still really like the park. But Mirabilandia just has that balance. That brilliant beautiful perfect balance. It has everything you want in an amusement park and it certainly knows how to deliver. Its a fantastic park that I want to come back to as soon as I can. And I'm not just saying that for Ispeed (though that significantly helps too). Its just a really great really nice park.




















Disneyland Resort & Disneyland Paris Resort
Anaheim, California, U.S.A, & Marne-la-Vallée, Île-de-France, France

Hey, Aren't these supossed to be "The Happiest Places on Earth?" Well, no. A: Only the Disneyland Resort has that slogan. B: The Disneyland Resort and the Disneyland Paris Resort are not the happiest places on Earth. But the simple truth is, there's no such thing as the Happiest Place on Earth. That is not something you can judge. But both the Disneyland Resort and the Disneyland Paris Resort damn good place to go. Now, I'm sure many of you know this, but for those who don't, Disneyland was the first ever modern amusement park. Yep. If it wasn't for the Disneyland Resort, many of the other amusement parks on this list as well as many other amusement parks not on this list would not have existed at all. So that's a big plus for the Disneyland Resort. Disneyland Paris didn't do that. It didn't even bring the theme park to Europe as many parks existed way before Disneyland Paris. And as for rides, I'm pretty sure we all know what rides Disneyland has. I mean, if some non roller coaster enthusiast was directed to this Top 10 List, he or she probably wouldn't know about the other parks mentioned earlier in the list unless he or she was from the area of these parks. However, this person probably DOES know about the Disneyland Resort and it's major attractions, no matter where they lived. Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain. None of these are Top 10 Coasters (Well, Splash Mtn isn't a coaster to begin with). However, they are all very famous rides that just about everyone around the world knows and loves. Disneyland Paris, a lot of people know of the park, though they don't know it quite as well as they know the two American Disney Resorts. But it has a good chunk of the famous rides as well as some unique stuff of its own. And while none of these rides are extreme or crazy, they are all very fun and enjoyable rides. And if you still need more intense rides, check out Indiana Jones, Tower of Terror, the Paris Space Mountain, Rock'N'Rollercoaster, or California Screamin.

However, the Disneyland Resorts are home to far more things than just the Mountains. And yep. People know about this stuff as well. If there's one thing at the Disney Parks people know about besides the Mountains, it's the dark rides. This park practically gave birth to dark rides. There are more dark rides within the Disneyland Resort than there are in every Six Flags and Cedar Fair park combinded. Throw in Disneyland Paris and you've got yourself an avalanche of dark rides. And while not every single Disney Dark Ride is amazing or fantastic, they are pretty much all fun rides. Most of the Disney Dark Rides can be categorized into many different categorys. First, we've got our Fantasyland Dark Rides. These are pretty much *THE* original dark rides. The rides that started Disneyland. Everyone knows these rides. Peter Pan. Snow White. Pinnochio. Dumbo. They've known all around the world. Kids worldwide know of these rides. However, there are other Fantasyland Style Dark Rides in Disneyland that aren't in Fantasyland. Pooh, Monsters Inc., and I suppose if you really want to stretch it, Buzz would be considered Fantasyland Dark Rides as they all contain the same typical elements of a Fantasyland Dark Ride. And of course, everyone knows about this famous Disney Dark Ride. It's a small world. I actually really like the Paris one since I get to see how the French portray Americans. Anyways, onto the other Disney dark rides everyone knows about. You'll recognize these dark rides based off the movies that Hollywood made out of them. And while all of these dark rides themselves are really good (or at least won't make your ears bleed.) The movies made out of them however, are a mixed bag. Pirates of the Carribean was actually a decent movie that worked (until the stupid sequels came). However, most of the film spin offs of Disney Dark Rides are total peices of sh*t. The Haunted Mansion movie was just wretched and I truely dread what a Jungle Cruise Movie will be like. (Yes, Disney really did sink that low). And then there are the other Disney Dark Rides such as Toy Story Mania, Indiana Jones, and Radiator Springs which are just plain awesome.

However, while I do appreciate these parks for their famous mountain attractions and for giving birth to the concept of the dark ride and being the crown jewel of dark rides (Well, Disneyland at least), it's not the main reason I gave the #8 spot to the Disneyland Resort and the Disneyland Paris Resort on this countdown. Well aside from the fact that I'm a Disney Fan (of the actual Disney Stuff. None of the stupid pathetic crap they're coming up with recently), the Disneyland Resort has some of the best operations and service ever. The way the Disneyland Resort is run makes most other parks look like Mt. Olympus in comparison. They really do put that much effort into them. For instance, most of the dark rides run a sh*tload of trains and have operations flying through them. Hell, a few of their dark rides such as the Haunted Mansion and the upcoming Little Mermaid Dark Ride have constantly moving cars. The entire track is filled with constantly moving cars. That obviosly makes for great capacity. And as for the coasters, Space Mtn runs like 20 cars of 12, that each cycle the course many many times. The point is, Space Mtn is a f*cking people eater. Thunder Mtn runs 3 trains and each train holds about 40 guests, California Screamin runs 6 trains that hold about 32 people, and I think you get the message. Disney kicks major ass when it comes to capacity. The staff always seems to be friendly, and many of the rules are just more relaxed and more friendly to the guests. For instance, most parks nowadays are Anti-POV. Disney however, is not only POV Friendly, but they'll actually encourage you to take a POV! (Oh, and please don't say that Disneyland can be POV Friendly because they don't have any big rides because that's bullcrap. You could take any of the rides in Disneyland to a Six Flags or Cedar Fair and I guarantee you that they'd have a No POV Policy.) And not only that, but the Disneyland Resort is one of the few parks anywhere where you can actually film your on ride photo. Now that is just plain awesome.Disneyland Paris is good, though I will admit that the staff there aren't quite as friendly as they are at their American Counterparts and they don't have quite as laid back rules as their American Counterparts. But I still put the Disneyland Paris on as well for its Disney Charm, its very good ride selection, seriously, some of their stuff is the finest at any Disney Resort. Best Haunted Mansion, Best Thunder Mtn, Very Unique Space Mtn that I actually like, etc. But as you can see, the Disneyland Resort and the Disneyland Paris Resort are both great parks to go to.




















Busch Gardens Tampa
Tampa, Florida, U.S.A

Located in Tampa, which is just an hour away from Orlando, Busch Gardens isn't the type of park that can just appeal to locals and not do much and still have people be satisfied because they don't know about any other parks. Busch Gardens assures a good time for everyone and really tries hard to have a high quality park. And considering that tourists from Orlando make the trek over to Tampa just so that they can visit Busch Gardens, I'd say that they were pretty damn successful park. And just like all of the other parks on the list, Busch Gardens Tampa has a very good roller coaster collection. While it's not a humongus roller coaster collection like a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park, it's still a decent sized collection. And like all the other parks on the list, Busch Gardens Tampa doesn't just contain one Top 10 Coaster, but TWO!!! You counted right. Just like Mirabilandia, This park has TWO Top 10 Coasters in it's park!!!! And another one of their coasters, Sheikra, is also fantastic and came close to getting on our Top 10 List. So you can totally see some of the things we at Incrediblecoasters like about Busch Gardens Tampa.

But there must be more. Surely they can't be able to compete with all the Orlando Parks with just these amazing coasters. There must be more to this park!!! You bet your fiery ass there's more to Busch Gardens Tampa. For those who don't know, Busch Gardens Tampa is owned by Blackstone. And Blackstone also owns Sea World Orlando. So as you can imagine, the two parks work together. While Sea World Orlando functions as an aquarium as well as an amusement park, featuring many sea creatures like killer whales, dolphins, manta rays, and other sea creatures, Busch Gardens Tampa features land animals within the park. So yeah. This park also doubles as a zoo. And that is a pretty big plus. That it a pretty big f*cking plus in my book. If you ever have to decide "Should I go to the Amusement Park, or should I go to the Zoo?" Well you don't have to make that choice if you live in Florida, since you can just do both and go to Busch Gardens Tampa (Oh, and if you ever need to make this choice and don't live in Florida, unless there's some horribly crowded event going on that makes the park look like this, ALWAYS pick the amusement park over the zoo). And it's not a crappy zoo either. It's a pretty kick ass zoo!!! In fact, within my Busch Gardens Footage, I have footage of a tour within the park that shows people petting girrafes. That's pretty f*cking cool. But there's also more to Busch Gardens Tampa than just Top 10 Coasters and a zoo. The park has a great African Theme that really helps contribute to the animals and the coasters. They aren't just plopped down in random places, everything fits together. So yeah. A well themed that not only has 3 Top 10 Coasters, but also hosts a kickass zoo that includes petting giraffes, hell yeah. Busch Gardens Tampa totally deserves the #7 spot on this list.




















Elysberg, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

All right. Up next is Knoebels Grove. Knoebels isn't that similar to most U.S Parks. Hell, I'd dare even say there are a couple similarities between the European Parks, Heide Park, and Mirabilandia. All of them, while their overall coaster collection is small, contain Top 10 worthy roller coasters. They all have a decent flat ride collection, with some of them being great, and all of them have helpful employees and good operations. It's all here at Knoebels. Now of course, there are some major differences like atmosphere and theming, but they're all good. Phoenix is simply one of the best wooden coasters of all time. It's just insane, everyone loves it, it has crazy ejector air, and I'm not alone in saying this. Take a look at just about any Top 10 Wooden Coaster list, and Phoenix will almost always be on there. And their other wooden coaster, Twister, while it's not Top 10 worthy, is still a hell of a lot of fun and provides riders with a very fun experience. The flat rides here kick ass and combine old nostalgia with new technology, and everyone at Knoebels is wearing a smile on their face, providing you with a great time.

But like I said earlier, all of these parks contain Top 10 Coasters, a great flat ride collection, and extremely friendly staff. So what puts Knoebels ahead of these parks? Well, the things are small since all three parks are very very good. But these small little differences are in fact there. For instance, the flat ride collection. All these parks have a great flat ride collection that strikes a perfect balance between old and new. But at Knoebels, they go a step further by not only striking a great balance, but making sure that the common place stuff is the very best of their kind. Their carousel still has gold rings, their bumper cars are made of fiberglass to ensure bigger collisions. (That's quite a badass thing to do. Especially since many bumper cars have the retarded One Way Rule.) And people always call the Knoebels Flyers to be some of the best flyers out there. So that's one way Knoebels is better. Another point for me is the isolation. Now if you're trying to get to Knoebels, you will hate the isolation of Knoebels. This is probably the hardest park to get to (in the United States). It is in the middle of freaking nowhere in a Pennsylvania Forest and you have to go through 20 different freeways that you're only on for one exit, before taking a bunch of back roads. But once you arrive at Knoebels, it's really nice. It's almost like a world of it's own. You won't be able to walk down to some resteraunt for lunch like I frequently do at Six Flags Magic Mountain. But you really don't need to. The food here is much better than most places. But what really awards Knoebels the #7 spot are the prices. THIS PLACE IS CHEAP!!!!! I mean cheap. It's really cheap. First off parking and park admission is free. So that's really cool. You pay for rides via ticket system. And the tickets themselves are really really cheap!!!! In fact, they're so cheap that they are possibly an even better deal than the all day wristband (This ONLY happens at Knoebels. This ONLY ONLY ONLY happens at Knoebels. NO OTHER PARK OR FAIR HAS TICKETS THIS CHEAP!!!!!). And the food is really cheap too!!!!! It's almost fast food cheap!!!! And that says a lot. In fact, the food at Knoebels is actually less expensive than some Fast Food places. So yeah. That's what really pushes Knoebels into the #6 spot. Knoebels. It's the best possible bang for your buck.




















Universal Orlando Resort
Orlando, Florida, U.S.A

Ok, I'm sure many of you guys were expecting this to be up near the list. People pretty much everywhere know of the Universal Orlando Resort. And hell, now even those who didn't know about it before know about it now now that the Harry Potter area now opened up. Now I don't know how Harry Potter Land is. I've heard mixed reviews of the area, so I'll just see for myself when I come back to the Universal Orlando Resort. But anyways, my last trip to Universal was pre-Harry Potter, so this whole judgement is pre-Harry Potter. But even before Harry Potter and everyone going crazy over Universal, it was a fantastic resort. Both parks are great and offer a lot for everyone to do. Like Busch Gardens Tampa 60 miles away, the Universal Orlando Resort has some world class coasters as well. They've got the Incredible Hulk, B&M's only launched coaster to date, and a fantastic B&M Looper. They've also got Dueling Dragons. Two really good B&M Inverts. They used to duel and interact with each other to make for one hell of a badass ride, but they stopped. =( F*CKING LAME!!!!!! But at least the two B&M Inverts are still very good on their own. Both the Incredible Hulk and Dueling Dragons bring some great thrills to the Universal Orlando Resort. But these aren't the only rollercoasters at the Universal Orlando Resort. Over at the Universal Studios Orlando park, they've got Revenge of the Mummy. Which in Florida, is actually a really really good roller coaster. And since my last visit, they added a new roller coaster to the Universal Orlando Resort. Rockit now peirces the skys of Universal Studios Orlando and from what I've read, is a fantastic roller coaster and ranks up with all of the other great roller coasters in Florida.

But there's much much more to the Universal Orlando Resort. After all, I've said this a billion times. You can't be a Top 10 Theme Park soley based on your roller coaster collection. There must be more. And oh boy. There is a lot more at the Universal Orlando Resort. First off, they've got one of the greatest dark ride collections out there. Spiderman is one of the greatest dark rides on the face of the planet, and several other really good dark rides exist at the Universal Orlando Resort such as Men in Black, the Simpsons Ride, the Cat in the Hat ride, and many many more. Aside from this, they've also got some of the best water rides around. Dudly Doo Right Ripsaw Falls and Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges are claimed to be some of the greatest water rides in the entire world, and themeing here is fantastic. The theming for Marvel Superhero Island is fantastic, the theming for Lost Continent was awesome. Hopefully, the Harry Potter theming is just as good. And Universal Studios Orlando also has some nice theming. The Universal Orlando Resort, unlike it's California Cousin, is a fully developed world class park with many great rides. Totally worth the #5 spot on our Top 10 List.




















Farmington, Utah, U.S.A

All right. Up next is Lagoon. Now this park may be a surprise for some of you as Lagoon is not a very visited park due to the fact that its located in Salt Lake City, which is NOT a roller coaster destination by any means. So what is it? What makes this not-nearly visited enough park so great? Well, everything. Its just a fantastic park!!! Its roller coaster collection, while not home to any Top 10 Roller Coasters, certainly host some very fun and unique coasters. I know to this day, there is not a single other coaster out there even remotely close to Wicked. And thats a real shame, because I thought that Wicked was a really good coaster. A fun launch, fun vertical drop, lots of hangtime in the Heartline Spin, and all the turns in the second half. I really want more Wickeds out there in the world. And they've also got a Schwarzkoph Double Loop. These rides are sadly starting to become rare, so I really appreciate Collosus being at Lagoon. And all the other coasters at Lagoon are fun. Jet Star II is another fun and rare Schwarzkoph, Roller Coaster is a fun, and underrated wooden coaster, and everything else is just a blast. Not a single bad coaster in Lagoon's entire roller coaster collection.

But coaster selection isn't everything. There are a lot more things that make a really good park that you must take into account. And man, oh man. Lagoon does NOT dissapoint. I can't think of a single category that Lagoon is doing poorly in. I can't even think of a single category they're doing just ok in. Lagoon is pretty much excelling in just about EVERY category!!! Their flat ride collection is fantastic, hosting so many different types of flat rides. Not only do they have one of the best flat rides out there, a Top Scan, but they also have an Air Race (awesome ride!! We need more than just two of these!!), S&S Tower, a funky split Top Spin, an enterprise (which is the only U.S enterprise I've ridden that wasn't weakened), a Rock-O-Plane, a ferris wheel with spinning teacup cars (they don't spin well, but its still awesome), and many other flat rides. The dark rides at Lagoon are cheesy, but they're fun cheesy. The kind you ride, still have fun on, and can enjoy. The rapids ride, is just FANTASTIC. It doesn't have any crazy drops or anything, but it does get you SOAKED with all these waterfalls and rapids. And on top of that, its just beautiful, taking you through a butterfly garden as well. So you can really appreciate the beauty as you're dripping with water. And the atmosphere of this park. Good god. I love the atmosphere of this park. They preserve their history in the Pioneer Village, which is really sweet to look at. Its quite literally like being transported back to the 1800s. Really makes me wish other parks could do as good of a job as Lagoon does. And hell, to a certain extent, Lagoon is also an animal park. Yeah, there are lots and lots of animals here at Lagoon. Everyone is super friendly, the operations are top notch, and its just a fantastic FANTASTIC park. Please, PLEASE come visit Lagoon. One of the most underrated parks out there. =)




















Silver Dollar City
Branson, Missouri, U.S.A

Hey, have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Have you ever wanted to see what America was like in the 1800s? Well you can't travel back in time and actually go and visit it, but you can head on over to Silver Dollar City. This park is so well themed it literally feels like you were teleported right into the 19th Century!!! Now that is high quality theming right there. Now like other parks on the list, Silver Dollar City also features a Top 10 Coaster. And man is this one strong. Outlaw Run has got to be one of the craziest wooden coasters ever built. I can not say enough good things about it. And the other coasters at Silver Dollar City are pretty damn good as well. Powder Keg and Wildfire are both fantastic roller coasters that I would love to get more rerides on. Hell, even their mine train kicks serious ass!!! I mean, they turned some of the cars around backwards to turn an already above average mine train into a crazy kickass experience!!! I'd totally say that Silver Dollar City has some great roller coasters for you to ride!!! (Just be sure you don't get stung by any bees.) ;)

But Silver Dollar City is so much more than just their roller coaster collection. There is literally so much for you to do here at Silver Dollar City. I mean, this is the type of park where you can just spend a couple of hours walking around the place and be in nirvana, simply because it's just such a great place to be in. It's just so cool to take in the beauty of the park and all the little quirks it has (This park has a good sense of humor). While none of the flat rides were specificlly amazing or incredibly unique. Nevertheless, they were still good flat rides that I always enjoy riding. But these flats were really only special because they were smack in the middle of Silver Dollar City, they were just so much more fun. It's just so much fun to be walking around Silver Dollar City with a group of awesome people just enjoying the park and randomly deciding that you just want to take a spin on the DiskO or the Teacups just because it's there. Those usually end up as really really great rides on just average flat rides simply because it's in an awesome park. And it's not just with the flat rides. You just ride all sorts of random stuff you normally wouldn't ride at Silver Dollar City. Hell, I even managed to ride a Splash Battle!!! A freaking Splash Battle!!! And guess what else? I loved it!!!!! =) Ordinary rides turn into kickass rides JUST because they're in Silver Dollar City.

Now when it comes to food,'s good. Really really f*cking good. This food is some of the best food you will ever get at an amusement park. There is just so much to choose from. Hell, I'm very cheap with money. I don't like to waste my money on stupid sh*t. And during my visit to Silver Dollar City, I was broke from buying my video camera. So I was being even cheaper than normal. But even *I* spent a crapload of money on food here. It's just so good and addictive. Seriously, food at Silver Dollar City is like heroin. Once you eat some, you just want more and more of it and you blow all your money on it, but it's SO good and SO worth it. But I think what really makes Silver Dollar City stand out on it's own two feet and really provides a unique experience is the Marvel Cave. Now you may be asking, "What is the Marvel Cave?" Well, duh!!! It's a cave!!! And yes, Silver Dollar City is cool enough to have it's very own cave. You literally forget that you're even in an amusement park as they take you hundreds of feet underground and show off the beauty of the earth that just happened to be right in Silver Dollar City's own backyard. And best of all, IT'S NOT AN UPCHARGE!!!!! I could see this at so many other parks being an upcharge experience. And even then, I'd still recommend it. But to have it to Silver Dollar City guests for free with park admission, DAMN!!!! What a kick ass park.




















Europa Park
Rust, Baden Wuerttemburg, Germany

Hey, if you noticed, I managed to go to both Europa Park and Disneyland Paris on my Mega Europe Trip. And while Disneyland Paris is on the list with Disneyland, Europa Park is proudly sitting here at the #2 spot on this list. No, this is not a coincidince. Europa Park is a better park and provides a more Disney-esque experience than Disneyland Paris. I know this won't please some extremely crazy Disney people, but man is it true. This park is nearly flawless. Its just about absolutely perfect in every single way. And hey, its got better coasters than Disney. None of them are really Top 10 worthy I'd say, but they're all fun. Their GCI Wodan was a lot of fun. Not my favorite GCI, but I like it better than my home park's GCI, Apocalypse. Blue Fire is a really fun ride with a decent launch, some fun inversions, a funky turn/top hat with some cool hangtime, and possibly one of my favorite Non-Ispeed inline twists on any ride ever. =) Silver Star may be my least favorite B&M Hyper, but I still find it to be a fun ride. Euro-Mir is a great party ride. The ride itself is fun. But with the soundtrack, the mirrors, and the general funkiness with a group of crazy people, its an absolute blast. Euro-Sat is pretty much Space Mtn, except much faster, with much tighter turns, and some cool techno music. The rest of the coasters aren't earth shattering, but they're all fun and enjoyable. Not a single bad one in the bunch.

But there must be more. And is there? OF COURSE!!!!!!! OF COURSE THERE'S MORE TO EUROPA PARK!!!! This park has a phenomenal balance. There is literally so much stuff to do at this park. The number of general attractions aside from their 9 rollercoasters is incredible. They have some great water rides for the German Heat. Aside from Posideon, their good water coaster, they also have a log flume, a rapids ride, and a cool shoot the chutes ride, Atlantica Express with a few bonus drops in the begeinning. Some say that this makes it a credit (it doesn't), but it does make it a really good water ride which I'm guessing does a great job at being fun and cooling guests down from the German Heat. The dark rides in this park are phenomenal. Not only are they really good, but they are EVERYWHERE!!! Seriously, the number of dark rides in Europa rivals the number at Disneyland. And that's the freaking dark ride capital of the world!!! I loved the haunted mansion knock off, I loved the Winter Wonderland Dark Ride, its all a great experience that just has you in for a real good time. And the theming is just absolutely crazy. It all looks so cool. So real. Much like Silver Dollar City, you are just so engrossed and engulfed in the atmosphere at Europa Park that you just want to kick back, take it slow, and let it all suck you in. =)

Now when it comes to food, Europa Park has a pretty good spread. They have a resteraunt where you're food is served to you via roller coaster. That is freaking awesome. I'll have to eat there next time I'm at Europa Park. But then all the other food they have is great. I loved their raclette, I loved their gyros, I loved the beer that they served (can these German brands please come to the U.S), and I really loved the dinner they served us at the hotel. And speaking of that, their hotel is freaking awesome!!! We stayed at the Hotel Colloseo and it was fantastic!! Its themed to the Colloseum, and even though I was there just a week before I stayed at this hotel, I was still impressed. That certainly says a lot about how well it is when you can literally go to the real place it was based on just a week before you go there and still be impressed. The other hotels from the looks of it seemed really good as well. All 5 star high quality hotels. But like I said, what really makes Europa Park great is just how much stuff there is to do. Its got a lot of roller coasters, none of them bad, a lot of cool dark rides, good food, and just so many fun things to do that there's no time to see it all. I was there from opening to closing and I still missed some really cool stuff. Highly highly recomend it if you're anywhere near the area.




















Walt Disney World Resort
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, U.S.A

Yep. The Walt Disney World Resort is indeed the #1 amusement park I have been to. (Though really, this shouldn't come as a suprise since the Disneyland Resort was on the list.) And like the Disneyland Resort, just about everyone knows of the Walt Disney World Resort. The place is not only really famous, but the entire park alone is it's very own tourist destination. None of the other parks on the list are their own tourist destinations. Not even the Disneyland Resort is it's own tourist destination. Now granted, the Disneyland Resort makes up a pretty big chunk of L.A Tourism. But it is still part of L.A Tourism. The Walt Disney World Resort however, is seperate from Orlando Tourism. Many people will just fly into the Orlando Airport and from there, take the Disney World shuttle into the Walt Disney World Resort and stay there for a week until they hop back on the shuttle to the airport. That's fairly common. Lots of people do this. Hell, Celeste and Allie did this. My extra time in Orlando was a bonus. While lots of tourists do visit the Disneyland Resort, they visit it along with seeing the rest of Los Angeles. Very few people just visit the Disneyland Resort and then just fly back home. So while the Disneyland Resort is a major tourist attraction, it is not a tourist destination, but rather a subdivision of Los Angeles Tourism. Ok, I think I've proved my point. But what else besides the fact that it's a Tourist Destination.

So now to answer the question. "What makes the Walt Disney World Resort the #1 park I've been to?" Well, it's cousin, the Disneyland Resort made the #8 spot on this list, and really, with the exception of inventing the modern theme park, everything that I said about the Disneyland Resort applies to the Walt Disney World Resort. Like the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort has many famous rides including the famous mountains, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain. Like the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort is rich in dark rides and is home to many famous dark rides such as Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion, as well as a whole array of Fantasyland Dark rides such as Peter Pan and Pinnochio. Like the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort has fantastic operations that drags everyone else to Mt. Olympus levels. And like the Disneyland Resort, the Walt Disney World Resort is both POV-Friendly and lets you take pictures of your on-ride photos. Now to give the Walt Disney World Resort an edge here, I do find that many of their versions to slightly better. Now many of the WDW versions are slightly better, but a few WDW versions are tremendously better such as Florida's Tower of Terror. No Contest. Not even close. Florida Tower of Terror is much better. But that alone wouldn't raise the Walt Disney World up 4 spots. What else is there?

So now the question remains. "What more does the Walt Disney World Resort have?" Well, the answer to the question lies right within the question. The answer is more. More. More. More. More. More. More is essentially the key word that propelled the Walt Disney World Resort ahead of the Disneyland Resort. The Walt Disney World is home to 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, Disney Quest, lots of shopping, a Sports Complex, 6 different golf courses, 37 hotels, and more. Yeah. The Disneyland Resort may have a lot to do, but not THAT much to do. And within those theme parks, there are lots of rides that you are not able to ride at the Disneyland Resort. They do not have Rock'N'Rollercoaster at the Disneyland Resort. They do not have Expedition Everest at the Disneyland Resort. They do not have any pavilions at the Disneyland Resort. There is simply more for you to do at the Walt Disney World Resort. And to add more to the Walt Disney World Resort, the place is isolated from society. At the Disneyland Resort, you can tell that you're in Anaheim. You don't have to go far to escape from it. Lake Buena Vista however, is just the Disney World Resort. Nothing else. And it's a few miles away from Orlando. And hell, the resort has lots of space, to give each park within the Walt Disney World Resort it's own isolated place. Now I know many people don't this fact about the Walt Disney World Resort and like the close proximity the Disneyland Resort has. But whatever. Different strokes for different folks. But yeah. That explains the Walt Disney World Resort. The #1 theme park visited by Incrediblecoasters.



















So now I'm sure you know what you're thinking. "Wow. That was the list. That is so wrong." Well no. First of all, this list can not be entirely accurate since I haven't been to every single amusement park in the world. So if you're wondering why I didn't put so and so amusement park on this list, actually check to make sure that I've actually been to the park. And second of all, there is a difference between my view on Top 10 Parks and Parks I want to most visit. If I based my ideas on my selection for the Top 10 Theme parks based on what park I want to visit the most, I'd have to rewrite this entire list every single week due to my desire for the parks I want to visit constantly changing. Plus, even if I based my list on that, the entire list would be composed of parks I haven't been to, because that's the stuff I really crave. I love going to new parks and almost always look foreword to visiting a new park, even if it doesn't look like that good of a park. And to top that all off, I don't really truely rank theme parks. I just picked 10 of my favorite parks and ranked them logically on what I would consider the best. There are several FANTASTIC kick ass parks that I have been to that I did not talk about, but would still recommend. So don't not visit a park just because I didn't rank it as a Top 10 Park. You may very well be turning down a kick ass park. Take a look at our park reviews for more specific details on what is considered a really good park.