Twin Peaks Review

We're on Twin Peaks. And yeah. This slide is insane. And I mean INSANE!! Let's just ride this for more information. We get in the tube (you're gonna want to ride with someone on the heavy side) and off we go. We head down a fairly large drop by water slide standards. It's not huge or anything, but I can't think of many slides with bigger drops that aren't drop slides. So yeah, we've got ourselves some nice speed. And now, it's time for us to head up the tiny litle hill. AIRTIME!!! And yeah, you do get airtime here. Granted, some people don't have the momentum to make it over the hill, but most do. And if you haven't seen the video up above, you'll know that I was in the tube that got some serious airtime. like 3-4 feet worth. Now some have been wondering how that felt. Honestly, you sort of don't notice it in a really weird way. Right before you crest the hill, you get sprayed with water which gets in your eyes, so your eyes are closed and you don't even notice leaving the slide. You just continue the senation of going up. It's not until you land and wipeout that you notice anything. And for anyone curious, no, it did not hurt. =) And yeah. Twin Peaks is easily the best water slide I've been on. It's great riding it normally, and with a...large person, it's by far the best. You have to ride this slide. And be sure you have a friend who'll get you flying over the hill.


Location: Movieland Studios

Opened: ???

Built by: ???

Last Ridden: June 21, 2012

Twin Peaks Photos

Photo by Hanno Roos