Voodoo Review

Today, we'll be reviewing Voodoo @ Dorney Park. A standard Impulse coaster. The first launch isn't too fast, but that's ok for now. Because now you'll pulling out towards the sky and twisting a little. While we don't come anywhere close to the top, it's ok for now. You then go back through the station and into the back spike. You go a little higher on the back spike, but we still arn't up to full speed. Then you fall back down and FLY through the station. After flying through the station, we then FLY up the first spike. This time, we really get into the twisting action and spiral all the way up the tower. We stop right at the top of the tower, getting an ever so lovely view of the clouds. Then we twist and fall back down the spike and FLY right on through the station and into the back spike. This time, you really fly up the back spike, making it high into the ground. But then you begin to fall back down, but suddenly we stop. Yep. This is the magic of the holding brake. Everyone is freaking out about this, screaming "WE'RE STUCK!!!!! OH SH*T!!!!!!!!" However, this doesn't last too long as before you know it, we head back down the vertical spike. We then slown down through the station as we head back into the first spike. We don't get that high up the first spike. But enjoy it hile it lasts, because when we fall from this spike, we fall back into the station. Voodoo, like all Impulse coasters, is a very fun ride and definetly something I would recommend to anyone going to Dorney Park.


Location: Dorney Park

Opened at Geauga Lake in 2000

Moved to Dorney Park in 2008

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: August 15, 2008

I have ridden this exact same ride at the following parks.

Six Flags Great America


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