Wildebeest Review

We're here at Holiday World, in their Splashin Safari Water Park, and we're here to ride their star water slide. Wildebeest. Well, Mammoth may have beaten it, but still. Wildebeest is AWESOME!!!! And we are going to review it today!!! All right. We get in the tube and we're off!!! First off, there's a lift hill. That's normally no big deal. But keep in mind here. This is a water slide. Not a roller coaster. And yeah. This is NOT normal for a water slide!!! Normally, you have to drag the tube up to the top and then slide down with it!!! If you're lucky, they'll have a tube lifthill or elevator that'll take the tube or raft to the lifthill and you grab it at the top and then slide down. But Wildebeest is actually a full circit water slide. F*cking impressive. Now let me just clarify this incase some knuckleheads think otherwise. It may be a full complete circuit, but it is still a water slide. NOT A CREDIT!!!! But anyways, we're at the top, we go through an enclosed tunnel and then down a small drop before rising back up a small hill. We get a big splash of water in our faces as we rise up a hill. There's actually some mild floater air here. And yeah. On water slides, you notice the airtime. Particuarlly when you hit the slide and SPLASH!!! We then head up another hill. Now gravity alone won't get us up, so there are some LIMS to power us up the hill. Those LIMS actually give us some extra juice and we get a little bit of airtime at the top and some laterals around the enclosed turn. WEE!!!! We then head down another drop which is enclosed by Wildebeest. Awesome. We rise out of the dark and into another hill. Wee, Mild Floater air and more water to splash us and get us all wet (you are on a water slide after all). We then pretty much repeat. Rise up. Mild airtime. Some laterals in the dark before dropping back down and getting more wet. Fun. We then rise back up, get splashed in the face, and head into another tube, turining in the other direction. Woah!! I wasn't expecting that. Again, we drop. Get a nice little LIM boost up this hill, and I don't think we needed it because now we're really flying!!! Hey, fine with me. Especially if this drop goes directly under more Wildebeest. More headchoppers. YAY!!! We then rise up and head into another turn in the dark. Except this isn't just a turn. We keep turning, doing some swerving, and I think a little drop as well. We finally see the light as we drop back down, we head through a small hill. And that's it. That's the whole slide. Yeah, keep in mind that this is a water slide. And it KICKS ASS!!!! It maintains a fast pace throughout the entire ride, and ultimately, its just pure fun. You can't not smile on this ride, which is why I ranked it #3 on my Top 10 Water Slides List. Definitely check it out while at Holiday World and Splashin Safari. It's a great water slide.


Location: Holiday World

Opened: 2010

Built by: ProSlide

Last Ridden: June 27, 2018

Wildebeest Photos