14th Bday Party

This is X. X is still be the best coaster at Six Flags Magic Mtn.

Now meet Tatsu. Tatsu is the new kid here. But we'll get back to Tatsu later.

Anyways, We started out at Riddlers.

OH MY GOD! This is Riddlers line! During FREAKIN MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!

Riddlers has a fun first drop.

Some hangtime in the loop.

Riddlers Revenge is still on my Top 10 list.

We then went to Batman.

Batman is still packed with force.

We are the Fantastic Four!

When was the last time you saw SFMM actually add a new card on instead of just sharing them!

Only Andrew gives the Pirate Ship a thumbs up.

Heres a nice random shot of Superman.

Tatsu must be a crowd sucker.

Collosus wasn't running well today.

I love the pain!

I HATE the Morgan Trains!!!

I hate you more than I hate Morgan Trains.

Evreyone here may have been on Scream, but I'm the only one who rode Medusa! Eat that!

We like to Party! But only at night, alone.

A typical moment of Incrediblecoasters Stupidity.

I think we were smoking at Riddlers.

Revolution blurs right through the trees!

I don't need help.

Here comes the Goldrusher train.

You can find gum just about anywhere at Magic Mountain.

Finally, a front seat shot of Goldrushers helix.

We finally saw the Batman Begins stunt show. But wheres Batman?

There he is! I thought he'd be over at Batman?!?

Any show with fire is cool with Incrediblecoasters!

Batman begins is not a Danfriendly show.

Here you can see Tatsu rip down the 1st drop.

Here you can see the Egg turn.

Here you can see Tatsus Pretzal loop! The highlight of the amazing ride! (Yes, I used this picture twice in the update and I don't give a damn.)

Dude! When was the last time you saw Sky Tower open! Freakin Sweet!

Back to Tatsu, Up here the egg turn doesn't look like the Egg turn!

Tatsus pretzal loop is crazy! The blood rushes to your head!

Sky Tower let us get close to Tatsu!

Tatsu is one coaster that kicks alot of ass!

Back to Sky Tower with some amazing shots.

Don't look down.

Riddlers is cool.

Isaac and Andrew found this dirt.

They seem to be syked about it! I think I am too!

I feel sorry for those riders.

We then head over to Ninja.

I'm trying to slap Isaac and Cody!

We found these peas on Ninjas brakerun. YUMMY!!!!!

Tatsus pretzal loop must've done something to Andrew!

Mr. Six doesn't like candy!

Its my Alton Towers like Rubber Duck!

Does this hat make me look fat?

I can do magic!

I'm a Wizard too! I just got expelled from Hogwarts!

I've been the Kings Fool for over 600 years!

The balloons look so kiddy and boring. I think Andrew and I were smokin during Six Flags Magic Mtn Summer 2005


I'm Cameron!!!

I drank before riding Goliath!

If you stare at this picture long enough, you'll black out too! Bye Bye!