17th Birthday Party

Ok, so today was my 17th Bday Party. We went to Six Flags Magic Mtn. Nuff said.

Unlike last year, I wasn't a retard and remembered my season pass. And it appers Cody forgot about forgetting his season pass in January.

To the dissapoment of all, X2 was closed this morning.

So we decided to go run off and ride Tatsu.

Tatsu was running great today.

Up next, DejaVu.

Well, I was going to write some caption about Dejavu's loop, but since Terminator's going to open next week, I feel that we need to pay attention to it.

And so we will.

Terminator Salvation the Ride is proudly sponsered by Tyvek. Because Tyvek is awsome.

Goodbye Terminator. I'll see how you are next week.

You know we're not going to get wet at all from this whatsoever?

Just to show you how crowded it was in the morning, this was what we waited for Riddlers.

Yes, I'm freaky. What do I win?

Remember Boys and Girls, Breathing is good for you.

We're in the Mooseburger Lodge, where we will eat food.

We learned a very valuable lesson today. Soaking bastards on Log Jammer is not fun when it's over 80 degrees. We now know that this is a winter activity.

This is a goose. Cody named him Geoffry Sonic.

Hi Diddle Dee Dee. It's up in the Sky Tower we go.

Can you get me a barf bag? I need one now.

F**k the proper way to sit in Scream! This is how I'm riding from now on.

I'd like to know more about the history of the Hamburger Spaceship ride please.

I don't like that sign. It reminds me of La Ronde. (To see our La Ronde video, click here.)

Terminator from the Sky Tower!

Screw Terminator! It's Dirt the ride that I'm looking foreward to!!!

Spin Out. You have made me feel nautious all my life and I have always hated you for it. You don't deserve to rest in peace you sick bastard of a ride.

Dude! X2 is Testing!!!!!!

"Are you Type A or Type X?"

I'm type Starburst, Thank you very much.

Nothing helps the line move faster than a good healthy dose of terrible pain in the arms from slapping each other's hands in a bizzare ritual known as Rock, Paper, Scissors.

While X2 did open while we were in line, it ended up breaking down again while we at the stairs.

We tried all sorts of things to entertain ourselves. Jokes, Puppet Shows, Watching X2 testing, counting how many peices of gum are on X2's gum support, waking up Isaac with an annoying cell phone ring, but nothing seemed to work. We were bored sh*tless.

" Wake up Isaac, X2 opened up for us. Now get up before Cody has to get out his cell phone again!"

It turns out that right after we got off X2, IT BROKE DOWN!!!!! FOR THE THIRD FU*KING TIME WITHIN A TWO HOUR PERIOD!!!!! I actually feel sorry for those right behind us. I'd be enraged if I was one of them.

So just because I watched Isaac and Cody play the game, I only get 3 Flags?

"That's right Kevin. You chose to not play, therefor, you only get 3 out of 6 Flags. 3/6 is 50%. 50% is considered an F, therefor, you fail at life."

Go Isaac Go!!!! Win that Giant Stuffed Pink Gorilla!!!

We may not have won the Giant Stuffed Pink Gorilla, but we did win these awsome prizes.

Too many X2 breakdowns makes Isaac go "BLAH!!!!!" and get sick.

While Collosus is nowhere near as fun as X2, at least it doesn't break down 3 times in 2 hours.

Ok, we need something with inversions for Isaac.

Mr Racoon! Don't you know better than that!!! I mean, You're out in public here!!! You can't be doing that here!!! Save it for tonight.

Cobra Roll Madness on Scream!!!!

Me and Mr. Racoon are ready to fly on Goliath!

Don't worry. You're only halway there.

Oh yeah. We went to go eat more food at Johnny Rockets. (And Alisa and Celeste even came for that.)