Because I feel like it Knotts 2006

Alisa finally got her Xcelerator credit, so that was good.

If you forgot where we are, this pic will tell you, BTW Alisa freaked out going up.

Jaguar was a walkon, so we rode that.

Ghostrider has gotten bumpier! Yay!

Alisa loved going upsidedown without OTSRs!

I am random and stupid.

Alisa liked Riptide and I don't blame her!

Alisa thought Knotts was too crowded so we left to play Mini Golf at Boomers. They also had some rides including this powered coaster! Its so pathetic that even the Ventura County Fair one beats the crap out of it! Its Not a credit Andrew. This was definetly for credit whores only! I made my smallest update ever! Yay! I really need to stop talking about random stuff so much.