Colossus Review

We're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. For today's ride, we'll be traveling back in time to review Collosus. After getting in the god awful Morgan Trains, the trains dispatch. Unfortunetly, the coaster rarely raced, so you wouldn't expect any coaster racing from this ride. After you left the station, you went into a turn, followed by some straight track, then another turn into the lifthill. If you looked to your side on the lifthill, you got a nice view of Goliath. But then you reached the top of the lift hill, where you got to the first drop. Now, you got something you wouldn't have expected on Collosus. AIRTIME!!! While it wasn't much, it was still airtime. After the first drop, you headed up for the first turnaround. If you were sitting in the front, when at the top, you actually got some EJECTOR AIR!!! So that's awesome. After the first turnaround, you then went into the second drop. While it wasn't airtime filled like the first drop, it was still a fun drop. Then, you went into a small hump covered by the structure, this looked like it should've ejected you out of your seat, Magnum XL 200 style. Unfortunetly, it didn't. Now, this used to be an ejector hill. But shortly after the ride opened, Collosus had a Perilous Plunge moment and a fat lady sang. So now they gave us this crappy airtime free hill. But after that crappy hill, you went up into the double up. Unfortunetly, that is also airtime free, then you went around the second turnaround. After that, you dropped down. Then after that drop, we reached the god awful midcourse brakes. There used to be a dip right here, but unfortunetly, it was taken out and replaced with a block brake. From what I've heard, it was taken out due to maintanence, but I honestly thought if they had re-did that section with new wood, it would've been fine. But enough speculating about possible changes to dead rollercoasters. Then you went into the third turnaround. This one at least looked cool since it's in the structure. Then you dipped out of the turnaround into some bunny hills. Unfortunetly, these just give the train a path to follow back to the station. I would've recommend Collosus to someone visiting SFMM since it wasn't as bad as people make it out to be. But I'm pretty sure that none of you care since I'm 99.9 % sure that Twisted Collosus is gonna be just freaking awesome.


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Opened: 1978

Died: August 16, 2014

Built by: International Amusement Devices

Last Ridden: Augsut 8, 2014

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