Disneyland Summer 2006

So, They redid Pirates. Lets see how they did.

This guy has been drinking way too much.

Creepyass Rich Grandma is still here.

Hey look! A new anamatronic!

This Davy Jones scene was the only "cool" added part.

Overall, I don't see what the big deal was. All they did was add 3 Johnny Depp Anamatronics and the Davy Jones Water Scene. Creepyass Grandma, The Prisoners and the dog and all the old stuff are still there. I'm actually glad they didn't do much to it because I never wanted it to be changed.

Yummy! Skull on a stick!

Just what we need, Vekoma Rides!

I know what BTMRR means! And its not Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Vekoma is awsome!

Only smart people get to ride on that part of Thunder Mtn, And thats none of us!

This bear is stupid enough to be a member of Incrediblecoasters.com!

Hey Celeste! Are you afraid to ride Splash Mtn because your a big chicken, or because you got more Brain Damage from the Vekoma you were just on.

Typical moment of Incrediblecoasters stupidity.

NO!!!! The chick can't go!!!!

Hey Kevin! I heard you were going to go to PGA instead of SFMW! How dare you turn down my Floorless coaster for my stupid next door neighbor! Now I have to turn you into stone!

Help Me!

This is what you get when you cross two stupid people and one drunk ghost.


Since we just went in space, does that make us space chicks?

The last moment before you get ejector air right there.

Lightning didn't really strike the elevator, We all just ate 9 Vault Batteries!

I bet Grizzly at PGA is going to suck!

Is it me, or did we get lucky and the trims failed! Could this possibly be the return of CA Screamin?

I sware I felt good AIRTIME right here!!!!!!!