Disneyland Xmas 2010

Well, it's Christmas Time again. And since our cousins were down in Southern California, we decided to have some fun and head on down to Disneyland despite this big rainstorm. Oh, and we stayed in this hotel the night before.

All right. Time for dinner.

"Oh come on. Put the damn camera away. Nothing's special!!! We're just in a Chinese Resteraunt!!"

Hi. My name is Celeste and I am easily amused by many things. For instance, I am easily amused by the simple fact that these ice cubes have holes in them.

Does it mean anything if both my fortune cookies give me the same fortune?

All right. Fast foreword to the next day at Disneyland. First up, Space Mtn.

Damn. This rain is REALLY scaring away the crowds.

Y'know, I've seen a lot of stuff in my lifetime. But this takes the cake. This cosmic nebula is just so beautiful!!!

"Where did Celeste go?"

DIE RAIN!!!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!

Good news. Star Tours II has gone vertical!!!!

All right. Up next is the Matterhorn.

Yo dude. Have you seen an Abominable Snowman anywhere?

Well, since there's absolutely no chance we'll ever run into an Abominable Snowman in there, let's go.

Matterhorn Matterhornness. (I'm in a hurry to get this up, Ok? The captions may get lackluster.)

How long is the wait for Thunder Mtn guys?

HOLY SH*T!!!!!!! Rain or not, that is incredible considering how long lines were last year.

Hey Thunder Mtn Goat!! What's the matter?

"NO!!!!!!! THUNDER MTN GOAT!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!! I know things are bad right now! I know that SFMM canceled their New Years Eve Event, Got rid of all their liscening, won't even open, and got rid of their Funatics Program. But you have so much to live for!!!! Don't do it!!!!!"

We had a good ride on Thunder Mtn. Next.

"RUN DUCK!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!"

Damn. Carsland is going up FAST!!!!!!!

Congratulations. This is the first ride of the day with a line.

Ready to kick some Wii Play...I mean Toy Story Butt?

Sweet!!! I got a new High Score!!!

Yeah, I know. I'm a badass.

Umm, what is California Adventure doing?

OMG!!!! They're running a rollercoaster in the rain!!!! Don't they know how dangerous that is!!!!!?

Why doesn't Disney give a damn about people's saftey? Why can't they be more like Six Flags Magic Mountain and close when it drizzles?

California Screamin Loop Shot.

"Hello world. In case you didn't know, I am on California Screamin and I love it."

What's wrong with this picture?

Yay!!! New Resteraunt Credit!!!! It was nothing special.

Yikes. The rain really picked up.

Up next, Tower of Terror.

We had fun. Next.

Hell, we even have time to ride Soaring, the park is so empty.

Well, that's it for California Adventure. Time to head back into Disneyland.

Ahh. Cold, Cloudy, and Rainy. The perfect weather to ride Splash Mtn in.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Yeah. We're stupid.

All right. Let's check out Haunted Mansion since it's decked out for Christmas.

I just love seeing lines like this.

Yeah. This picture sucks. (Don't blame me. It's the lack of a flash.)

Ahh. I'm in the mood for some nice hot chocolate.

"Hi. My name is Celeste. I am super sensitive to heat in my hot chocolate and that is why I am blowing on it."

"After constantly blowing on it for like 10 minutes, I blew on it so hard that I made it spill. I found this very amusing as I find many things very amusing."

Grr. I am not happy right now. I had to throw my hot chocolate away because I couldn't take it on Pirates of the Carribean and I just spent all my time blowing on it instead of drinking it. =(

Come on guys!!!! I know I had to throw out my Hot Chocolate!!! But rioting and setting things on fire will not bring it back!!!!

Ooh. Look at the pretty Christmas Decorations.

Well, at least Small World appeals to my sense of vision. (Too bad it doesn't appeal to my sense of hearing.)

What time did we ride Small World? First person to guess right will get a lifetime supply of absolutely nothing,

Hey Santa. How's it going. Listen, I was wondering if you would let me see that Naughty or Nice list. You mispelled someone's name and I want to fix it.

Big Deal. It'll just say 2012 next year.

Feliz Navidad everyone!!!! Feliz Navidad!!!!!

We even had time to see the Christmas Parade due to lack of crowds.

I still have that stupid Parade Song stuck in my head.

Let's take another ride on Space Mtn simply because we can.

Ooh!! Look at the pretty castle!!!

Wow. It's been a long time since I've been on this ride.

You guys ready to see the backside of water?

Ahh!!! Get the Pirranahs away from us!!!!

And how else do you finish the night off than with a dinner at Buca di Beppos. This was an awesome day at the Disneyland Resort.