River King Mine Train Review

We're here at Six Flags St Louis. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is River King Mine Train, Six Flags St. Louis' mine train. After getting in the cars, you dip out of the station and turn around. This turnaround just leads us to some straight track. Yeah, exciting. But while in the straight track, we get a nasty surprise. Trim Brakes. Yeah. Bet you weren't expecting that!!! I mean, what sort of ride has trim brakes before the freaking lifthill!!! And why the hell are they necesarry!!!! I mean, is a dip out of the station really too fast for you Six Flags St. Louis!!!? GOOD F*CKING GOD!!!!! Better hope you guys don't get a roller skater or else you'd trim the sh*t out of it. Ugh, now we're travelling at walking speeds through the straight track, though we see a curve that takes us to the lifthill. Wonder how many trims they'll have after the first drop. Ooh, wouldn't want us to break walking speed. After climbing up the lifthill, we dp down and go through a big turn, which of course, leads us to more exciting straight track!! Now lets just wait for those surprise trim brakes. Surprisingly, there aren't any, and instead, we go down a small curved drop that leads us to more straight track. Good god. This thing is straight track crazy, even by mine train standards. In fact, I think this ride helped inspire the Boss. Still on the ground, we turn and go through some more straight track before making another left turn. This then leads us into a small helix. Hell, this is actually fun, and there are no trim brakes, and it's got a nice setting. I'm starting to warm up to this ride. =) However, after that, we then go over to lifthill #2. After that bit of fun, we go through some straight track and into a turn. That turn eventually becomes a small little helix that takes us back to the ground. We then go through some more straight track. Wait a minute. Tons of straight track in a really nice setting, pointless trim brakes, and several lifthills in the middle of nowhere. Hmm, I wonder what other ride this is reminding me of? We then rise up a curved hill, that leads us to another lifthill. Yep, we're on lifthill #3. But this isn't just any lifthill. It's a tiny little lift hill. It's almost like there wasn't supposed to be another lifthill. Not enough speed to go up the hill? No problem. Add a little lifthill here. By now, my blabbering has killed the time and we're now off the lifthill and are off into some straight track. We go through some turns, but really, this nothing special. However, that Flat S Bend leads us to a tunnel. YAY!!!!! We then TAKE THE TUNNEL!!!!! Boring, this tunnel contains nothing interesting. Just a boring turn and some...OH SH*T!!! A DROP!!! SOME SPEED!!! I'M HAVING FUN!!!!! But not for long, we then rise up out of the tunnel, lose all of our speed, and glide into the final brakes. This is a very bizzare mine train. While far from the best mine train, it's got some interesting quirks to it, and of course, there's not much interesting to say about a ride with barely any drops and is mostly just straight track. I'd definetly only consider this to be a credit whore stop.


Location: Six Flags St. Louis

Opened: 1971

Built by: Arrow

Last Ridden: August 10, 2010

River King Mine Train Photos