Shock Review

We're here at Rainbow Magicland. After pulling down the restraints, we're off. We roll down a dip out of the station and through some straight track, rolling right past the maintenence storage area. We then roll around a turn, getting a nice view of a hedge. There's a couple more dips, dipping down, and turning again. Ok, I am convinced. This was originally be a dark ride section. But Rainbow Magicland just didn't have the funds to make that portion, so you're just left with this meandering before the ride starts in the grass. But whatever. Maybe someday, the dark ride portion will come on the ride. But whatever. We dip down and now the ride is really begenning. We launch. And it's a really good launch. Now granted, this isn't an AMAZING launch or anything to squeal over. But it's still really fun. It gives us some good speed and is really fun. And it only gets better from here. We rise up into the ride's big hill. And this thing POPS. You don't slow down AT ALL!! You just pop out of your seat here. It's some pretty nice ejector air at the top. And then you just drops down and gives us even more speed. We then rise up and twist towards the sky. We still have some speed at the top and yeah. You get more airtime. And I like that. And dropping back down to the ground, we gain more speed as well as some laterals as we drop back down. We then go through this quick low to the ground turn. And when I say quick, I mean QUICK!! This thing happens immidietly. You just blink and you are WHIPPED through this high speed, lightning fast turn. And you get A LOT of Gs here. Both Positive Gs and Lateral Gs. I was not expecting anything on this turn, so this was a very pleasent surprise. And now I'm spoiled cause whenever I go through quick turns on other coasters, I'm tremendously dissapointed at how tame they are and wish it was more like Shock. Anyways, moving on. We rise up and go straight into the midcourse brakes. I'm never a fan of midcourse brakes. Aww. But oh well. We then head down a curved drop, which gives us some decent speed. But not the crazy speed we initially had. We go around another turn. Again, it's fun, but not the crazy turn we originally had. But don't worry. We still have another great moment to go through. We then go through a inline twist or corkscrew style inversion. And you get hang time in this inversion. Not just a little, but a lot. You really feel like you're upsidedown while going through this inversion. It's just fabolous. And sadly, that's it. We just roll right into the brake run. So yeah. It's a short ride. But it's a DAMN GOOD ride too. For a new park, they certainly knew how to build an attention-grabbing coaster that really goes above and beyond. I swear, if it wasn't for Italy already having some of the best coasters ever at another Italian Park, this would be the best coaster in the country. So definetly make sure you take a ride on Shock. You'll really enjoy it.


Location: Rainbow Magicland

Opened: 2011

Built by: Maurer Söhne

Last Ridden: June 18, 2012

Here's my raw footage video of Shock.

Shock Photos