Six Flags Marine World & Lake Tahoe

We are driving to Napa because my mom forgot the key to the Halsteds House. Napa was nice exept for our Smokey Hotel room. OH MY GOD! YUCK! It smelled awful!

Yay! I finally made it to Six Flags Marine World!

I decided to do V2 because it was open.

Unlike Zonga which was closed all day.

I am really excited about my first Intamin Impulse ride!

This penguin is really cute, but we went to SFMW for V2 and Medusa. We were going to see the Shouka show, but we didn't have time.

I finally made it to another B&M!

Its reminds me of a certain blue parking lot coaster back at home.

Roadrunner Express was a really boring and uncomfortable kiddy coaster!

Yay! Roar woke up from its moring technical difficulties!

It wasn't as good as Ghostrider at KBF or Giant Dipper at the SCBB, but it was better than Collosus and ESPEACIALLY Psyclone!

Lets do V2 some more.

This snake house houses Medusas station and Medusas Gum Wall! OH MY GOD!!! SICK!!!! But thats nothing compared to whats coming up!

I love the speed on the smooth Medusa.

I hope the SLC doesn't hurt too much.

You know, for a Vekoma SLC, it was running really good! About as good as Viper on a good day.

Tasamanian Devil. While it's much better than Knotts La Revelution, it's not as good as the fairs Xtreme though.

I am happy to report this Boomerang is WAY smoother than Knotts. I am unhappy to report that the crew running it was the rudest and laziest crew i've ever seen operate any ride.

Voodoo is SFMWs Top Spin. I would have loved if the restraints wern't so tight and it was longer. After this and Knotts Riptide, I'm not the biggest Top Spin fan.

Hey Celeste! Its a Falling Star! Its like Twister at the fair! Want to ride?

The back of Six Flags Marine World actually looks NICE?!?!

No, Hammerhead does NOT have you fall uncomfortably into the restraints.

I can't belive I skipped the one in Paris for what I thought at the time a credit and then realized its not a credit!

I decided to do the GCI again.

We got more rides on V2 today.

V2 RULES!!!!!!!

Cobra was a better kiddy coaster. It was like Jaguar, only smaller.

Heres a shot of Kong going up the lifthill.

It beat us up alot more than when we rode earlier.

B&M Heartline Spins are always fun!

Heres a shot of Medusas Loop and Heartline Spin before the SFMW part of the update is over.

At the Halsteds house, Celeste and Tara camp out in the backyard.

Our villa in Tahoe had this swingset. The hotel wasn't as nice as Palm Springs, but it was still nice.

My mom is really enjoying her time in Lake Tahoe.

Allie, Trevor and Torin dig a really big hole!

I'm not sure about swimming in a lake of melted snow. Raccoons pee in the snow in the winter!

We have to go exercise to burn off all of our theme park food carbs.

5 seconds after this photo was taken, a car came! (We got out of the way though.)

I think the Olympics was here in 1964.

We are all ready to go horseback riding!

Horse, Make this ride exciting! I've already been spoiled by Medusa and V2.

I want to ride the horse named Pokey because it reminds me of Gumby.

Lets have fun Horseback riding!

Hey! You got the horse I wanted Ariana!

This is Emerald Bay. It's very pretty. Nuff said.

I am Britney Spears II and YOU WILL RESPECT ME!!!!!

We rode bikes in the Argends campsite.

Welcome to the buffet of Appetizers! Main Course Coming soon!

Torin is really excited to go River Rafting in the Truckee River.

I'm alone in the Trukee River where I found Trukee Rivers Gum Bridge! OH MY GOD!!! YUCK!!!! First Revolutions Gum Seat, Then Medusas Gum Wall, and Now THIS!

But I caught up to everyone else.

Its fun being in the Trukee River!

HEY! Who stole my River Rat!?!?

More Tahoe Swimming!

We are trying to Kayak into Nevada. (We failed though.)

The Argends say that this is the best restraunt in Tahoe, so we went here.

HEY! This doesn't look like a Sunnyside, It looks like SFMMs Mooseburger Lodge!

Here's the Sunny Side of Sunnyside.

So the sign says that.

But we don't care! We love throwing Rocks!

OMG! It's a normal picture!!! What the hell!!!?

The sunny side of Sunnyside won't be sunny for long.

Heres a photo of the food here. This is a REALLY good restraunt. Not as good as Mikados, but still really good.