Spring 2009 Photos
Disneyland Resort Knotts Berry Farm

Ok, for Spring Break, we decided to go to Knotts Berry Farm. But we also decided to go to the Disneyland Resort to take advantage of the "Go on your Birthday, Get in Free. And if you have a season pass, Have a $60.00 gift card to the Disney Store" Deal. And as you can clearly see, it was RIDICOUSLY CROWDED!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Celeste and I am a clearly a Disney Fanatic. Gimme some candy.

One thing that is new is the amount of construction they've been doing.

The Evil Dreaded Sun Wheel is now being transformed into the Evil Dreaded Micky Wheel.

They also took the Micky off of CA Screamin, which by the way, was running great today.

That's right. It's Paul's birthday, so treat him special dammit!

"Don't those hats just make a lovely couple?"

"I'm loving the special attention."

Over at Dinseyland, it is also very crowded, which means no Space Mtn for us today.

While waiting for our fastpasses to be valid, we rode the Teacups because...I have no idea why.

I know a couple people who could really use that blasting powder.

After many hours, our Big Thunder Mtn fast passes are useable!!!

If you thought we were lying about getting on Thunder Mtn, think again.

Hi, my name is Britney Spears 2 and I like posing on Vekoma rides. If you close your eyes, spin around in a circle 8 times and truely belive in your heart, my phone number will appear under your pillow and we can go get a cup of coffee.

And we left early as it was just too crowded. I mean, I've seen it crowded plenty of times. I've been on Summer Saturdays and at Christmas Time, so I've seen it crowded, but today was just F**KING RIDICOULOUS!!!!!

Knotts Berry Farm