Why is it still the 50th Anniversary?!?!

The only good thing about this ride is the air conditining.

What the hell are they doing! It is NOT the 50th Anniversary!!!

Exclusive Autopia POV!

Wow. Are the cars really doing that?

Luckily for us, Space Mtn was a walkon!

Space Mtn was fun as usual.

At least theres no talking trashcan!

Matterhorn is fun!

Theres a jolt of airtime right here.

OH MY GOD!!!! Look at Thunder Mtn! It freakin vallyed!!! No Vekoma today!

I've been hanging here my whole life and I'm sick of it!

HOLY CRAP!!!!! Thunder Mtn is running! Vekoma after all!


I love Vekoma rides that have recently vallyed!!

Bye bye!

The more guns, the merrier!!!!

I hope you die in the Twighlight Zone!

There goes Trimming!

Even with the trims, its still a good ride, just not the top 10 ride it used to be for me.

Riding with me today is the seat dummy!!!

Not even the seat dummy likes riding with me!

Stupid trim brakes!

Wid Mice are cool!

This ride is fun.