Superman: Escape from Krypton Review

We're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Today's ride we'll be revewing for you is Superman: Escape from Krypton. This ride was originally known as Superman the Escape and was one of the first coasters to go 100 miles per hour and reach 415 ft tall. But then for 2011, they decided to give Superman a makeover and turn it into Superman: Escape from Krypton. You go in and take your seat. Now a little warning. If you don't sit in the back row, I'd avoid the edge seats due to the arm guards that they have. Now they have them there for saftey reasons so dumbasses can't go and hit the sides (Trust me. There are A LOT of dumbasses who'd try and do that. Especially here in Los Angeles). So don't go saying "Remove those things!!!" Because while they are uncomfortable and do pin your arm in, they are needed. After you're all settled in, the train launches. Now I'll admit I wasn't a fan of the launch when it was running forewords. But Backwards, this launch KICKS ASS!!!! Even though you know it, you don't really expect it and are flung into the OTSRs, but not so hard that it hurts. So yeah!!!! The launch kicks ass now!!!! Now while launching, you get a good view of a Superman S and a blue station. They had to make it look pretty now that riders are actually looking there. Another thing I noticed is that Superman was going a lot faster than normal. Well, it was not only running full speed during the Technical Rehersal and Media Day, but the open cars and backwards motion really do increase the sensation of speed. So that's a tremdous help. You then rise straight up into the sky backwards!!!! Another big improvement in the new Superman Experience. Looking Down. The height Superman reaches means ALOT more now that you can actually see how high you are. And the fall back down is just as awesome!!! You really get a freefall sensation and feel all the wind in your face. And it kicks ass!!!! You then race back to the station, and can't help but cheer. By both official standards and Incrediblecoasters Standards, Superman's Makeover is a HUGE success and tremendously helps the ride. Go out and ride it!!! It is a really awesome ride now.


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Superman the Escape opened in 1997

Superman reopened as Superman: Escape from Krypton in 2011

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: May 23, 2021

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