Thrillcoasters Disneyland Resort

Ok, so ThrillCoaster Tours was out in California and they wanted me to meet up with them. So I spent the day with them at the Disneyland Resort. And here, you can see the entrance to California Adventure for our first stop.

See this waterfall? It's pretty because it's in a Disney Park. Why? Because now Igor is in charge instead of Eizner.

Ok, Update on the Construction of the DCA Makeover. AS you can see, the lake is still completely drained.

On the bright side, the Mickey Wheel is now open.

I'm still not used to the Mickey Head getting replaced on California Screamin.

We should be launching. Anyday now.

Here's a view of the construction from California Screamin's launch pad.

"Hi. I'm Logan and I give this ride an 8 because I really enjoy this ride. The launch is good for a LIM launch, the negative g forces or airtime are fun and the loop is strong. For a Disney coaster, I think it's AMAZING!"

And we're off!!! Twisty Goodness on California Screamin!!!

Like Maverick, there is both a launch and a big drop. (Of course, they're both much much better on Maverick.)

While in the loop, you can still feel the ghost of the old Mickey head.

Blah. Even without the trims, I still find this weak compared to all the coasters I've ridden with ejector air.

A good time was had by all on Wii Play. The Ride.

Oh yeah. Since the Mickey Wheel was a new concept for the people on the tour who haven't been to Coney Island, we rode the Mickey Wheel.

I don't think I'll ever have a ride on this wheel as when I rode with Robin.

I'm really looking foreward to the day they transform the Orange into the Mickey Chairswings. This Orange is SO FREAKING UGLY!!!!!

We were about to go on Maliboomer when suddenly I remembered, "The Disneyland Resort HAS a good drop tower." So I took everyone on Tower of Terror.

And unlike on Maliboomer, people are having fun.

Hey Logan! Here at the Disneyland Resort, you're famous!

Don't you tell me to go and ride the King Aurthur Carousel in Disneyland. You can not tell me which carousel I can ride simply because of what my body is made of. I demand to ride this Lego Carousel!!


This place has kickass pizza. The guy in the mask says so.

According to some lunatics, the Disney Store is now rated R because you can see Cruella's arm holding a cigarette.

*Sigh* I miss Epcot.

Oh well. I'll just have to settle with Disneyland.

To finish off this update, we'll go straight into outer space.

Or at least on a coaster themed to going into outer space.

For some reason, Space Mtn seemed much faster today than it usually did. Oh well. More updates are coming soon.