Top 10 List Suggestions

Hey!! As you know, we at Incrediblecoasters have been doing Top 10 Lists for about 2 years now and I must say, we've made quite a few Top 10 Lists. While most people just do the typical lists such as Top 10 Wooden Coasters, Top 10 Steel Coasters, and Top 10 Theme Parks, we venture and do a lot more Top 10 Lists. I mean, just look at all the Top 10 Lists that we have made so far.

Top 10 Lists we've made so far

Top 10 Wooden Coasters
Top 10 Steel Coasters
Top 10 Theme Parks
Top 10 Dark Rides
Top 10 Water Rides
Top 10 Water Slides
Top 10 Flat Rides
Top 10 Theme Park Dining Options
Top 10 Theme Park Shows
Top 10 Most Underrated Coasters
Top 10 Worst Coasters
Top 10 Theme Park Settings
Top 10 Drop Towers

Yeah, that's a lot of Top 10 Lists. And while I really enjoy making these Top 10 Lists, there's just one tiny little problem. I'm almost out of Top 10 List Ideas. I mean, I've done not only the basics such as Top 10 Wood and Steel Coasters and Top 10 Theme Parks. We've also done a Top 10 List for every other aspects of Theme Parks that we cover in our reviews. Top 10 Flat Rides, Top 10 Water Rides, Top 10 Dark Rides, Top 10 Theme Park Foods, done. We even did the Top 10 Shows and much more theme park aspects. Now that's not to say we are completely out of ideas. Its just that we're waiting on our current ideas. I know that in the future, you are guaranteed to sometime see these Top 10 Lists pop up.

Top 10 Lists that will pop up in the future.

Top 10 Water Parks
Top 10 Cliff Jumping Spots
Top 10 Worst Theme Parks

All of these are guaranteed to pop up at some time in the future. I'm just not sure when I'll make these lists because for the Top 10 Water Parks and Top 10 Cliff Jumping Spots lists, I haven't been to enough water parks and cliff jumping spots and want to make sure that everything is good enough for a Top 10 List. And as for the Top 10 Worst Theme Parks List, I've been to enough to make a Top 10 Worst Theme Parks List, but we don't want to just pick our 10 least favorite theme parks for this list, I want these to be BAD theme parks. I won't put a good theme park on the list in the #10 or #8 spot and write "I like this park, but hey. I had to pick something and it's one of my least favorite good parks". I don't even want meh or mediocre parks or credit whoring parks on the list. I want to wait till I go to 10 AWFUL theme parks before I make this list. Trust me, there are going to be 10 different rants in that list when it finally gets made =). There are a few other lists I'm thinking about making. I'm thinking that a Top 10 Kiddy Coasters list would be a lot of fun to write =). And another list that I really want to write, but am probably going to wait till I stop working at Six Flags Magic Mountain to write is my Top 10 Dumbest Theme Park Rules list. Something tells me that some people will not be happy with that list, but hey. I'll write it someday. But aside from a few that I might look into, I'm out of ideas, but I want to keep making more and more Top 10 Lists. So if you have any ideas for a Top 10 List, feel free to submit it to me and I just might make your Top 10 List. Hey, the more unique Top 10 Lists, the better.

Have a Top 10 List Idea? Submit it to me on Facebook and you might just see your suggestion taken. =)