Tranan Review

We're here at Skara Sommerland. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is Tranan, which is currently the only S&S Freefly in the world. Now you may be wondering what the hell a Free Fly is. From looking at photos of it, it seems like a very intersting ride, and almost cartoon-like in a way. Like, this thing just has a bunch of upsidedown portions, except for one teeny little problem. This ride doesn't go upsidedown at all. So yeah. Despite the track inverting, the cars are off to the side, much like a Wing Coaster, and whenever the cars invert, the actual seats you ride in move around and flip as the ride flips, so you always stay right side up, giving you some funky laterals and an intersting feeling. The most this ride does is have a little bit of swinging. And I know that this sounds like a dull ride that is mainly a gimmicky ride. Something that looks really fun, sounds amazing, but is actually just kind of meh. I understand if you get that kind of a vibe from hearing about Tranan because those rides totally exist. But this is a legit fun ride and the gimmick is actually really cool. So what are we waiting for? Let's ride! We hop in the trains, which are essentially just a giant bathtub. Yep, you're riding in a giant bathtub here. And the only thing there is to hold you in, is a flimsy little seatbelt. Yep, that's it. Buckle up bitches. And off we go! We roll around a turn and head up the lifthill. Yeah, it's not very big, but you know what? It gives a decent view of the park, the ride, and we're in for some fun. OK, at the top, let's roll. We head down a dip, around a banked turn, which leads us straight into a downward helix in the opposite direction. Wee. Nothing special, but still fun. We then head around another banked turn, and what's that. Yep. The track inverts and...WHOA!!! We rise on up, as the train inverts, we sort of flip with the track so we stay rightside up the entire time. It's kind of a freaky feeling, and I'm just going to be honest. I love it. I love everything about it. We head around another banked turn and glide right into the midcourse brakes. We then head down a banked downward turn that...WHOA!!! We're rising! Yep. The track flipping back rightside up, so we get the feeling again. That's awesome. We glide around a turn, and coast right into the final brake run. Tranan may not be the best ride ever, but it's a very fun ride, a very unique ride, and honestly, it really feels like a prototype. Like this was them testing out the Free Fly idea before making more of them. Except they never did make any more of them. Which is a real shame as it's a really fun ride, and yes. You do notice the bird flipping. So I totally recommend giving it a ride if you're at Skara Sommerland. It is after all, the reason you came to Skara Sommerland (I assumme).


Location: Skara Sommerland

Opened: 2009

Built by: S&S Power

Last Ridden: June 23, 2014

Here's my raw footage video of Tranan.

Tranan Photos