Ventura County Fair 2006

The Ventura County Fair is back and it sure is diffrent than Last year. They added alot of good stuff to replace the stupid rides at the fair (Storm), But they replaced Zipper! How dare they! Zipper is THE BEST!!! At least I got to ride a bunch of good rides and get a new credit! Anyways, Heres a blurry photo of the Flying Bobs.

Pole Position was the new spinning coaster for the fair this year.

Pole Position actually spun pretty well!

Magnum was back for this years fair.

Heres a very blurry picture of riding Magnum.

Replacing Zipper this year was the Mega Loop.

While Mega Loop is fun, It could NEVER replace Zipper!Zipper the BEST FLAST RIDE EVER!!!! NUFF SAID!!!

At least Mega Drop is still here.

The view of Mega Drop before it dropped.

Windsurf was a Poundin Surf. It was alot of fun.

Kamakazie. Another classic that was Actually at the fair the year!

Heres the view from Kamakazie.

Spinout, the Top Star was back and it was INSANE!! Spinout is the type of ride that will make you say "OH MY F**KING GOD!!!!!" Its still not as good as Zipper though!

I'm Cody! Man of Steel! I'm stronger than the forces of Starship 3000. Gimme some Candy.

One year later and Xtreme can still kick La Revolutions sorry ass!

It actually spins! Unlike La Revolutin that barley spins. I wish I had ridden Tasamanian Devil more than once now!

I'm Cody! Man of Steel! You didn't give me any candy! Now I'm kicking your shin!

I wish SFMM would Replace Flashback with a spinning coaster!

Its the Death Slide!

Slides are always fun.

Heres one last shot of Mega Drop before the fair ends this year!