X2 Review

We're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Today's ride we'll be reviewing for you is X2! Now X2 originally started out as X, which was awesome! And X2 is even better! First, you climb into the seats and lock yourself in. The temptation just keeps building and building as the speakers keep playing a creepy voice that simply repeats "X X X! 2 2 2!". Finally, after that anticipation, the seats rotate into position and away you go! As you go around the turn around (Warning, this is not the exit. Yes, there really are people that f*cking stupid), you hear Harry Connick Jr.'s "It Had to Be You". Which for first time riders, brings fear to their souls (It just made me laugh at those people). Then you listen to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica as you climb up the lifthill. For the general public, this is hell. Finally, as you slowly crest the lifthill, you know the moment is here. You're about to drop. Then you here Aerosmith singing Going Down from "Love in an Elevator" as you do that fantastic backflip down that first drop. As you you fall, you are simply in a state of bliss. After that crazy first drop, all you can think is "HOLY SH*T!!!" After that amazing first drop, you soar up into the first raven turn. At the top of the raven turn, it's a nice view. But then you drop down a second time. While it's not nearly as awsome as the first drop, the second drop out of the raven turn is still a lot of fun. Then you flip up into a bunny hop. When you go up, you flip 360 degrees, which is awsome and after that flip, you get some airtime as you flip back rightside up before heading for the turnaround. The turnaround is nothing special, but at least you have "Sabatoge" by the Beastie Boys to keep you company for those 3 seconds of non-insanity. But then you get a little more airtime as you drop back down a little bit. But the insanity is just going to grow and grow. The Half-Half is weird, but strangely cool at the same time. But things aren't going to be cool for very long. After the confusion of the half-half, there's nothing you wake you up and a nice serving of FIRE!!! FIRE, FIRE, LOTS AND LOTS OF FIRE!!! It's all in your face, blinding you for a few seconds (though let's be real. The fire is almost always off nowadays). Once the fire has cleared up, you just realize you are about to dive into the second raven turn of death! With no time to see it coming, you just lunge out of your seat and down into the fog. While you don't get airtime on it, your ass is definitely out of your seat on it. Then you flip back to normal as you glide into the brake run. You look at your legs and see that they were flung over to the side due to all the crazy forces of X2. Then all you can say is, "Wow". Now for some bad news, a lot of the effects don't work. The fog just flat out doesn't exist anymore, the fire only comes on occasionally and one of the trains doesn't even have music on it anymore. But at least on X2, even if none of the effects are working, its still an absolutely insane ride that is still just a ton of fun. X2 has a sweet spot where the line is at its shortest between 2:30 and 4:30. So thats the best time to get your rides in. And of course, as one of the best coasters ever, I HIGHLY recommend getting on this ride.


Location: Six Flags Magic Mountain

X opened in 2002

X was remodeled into X2 in 2008

Built by: Arrow/S&S Power

Last Ridden: May 1, 2022

My raw footage video of X (Before it was X2).

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