Zeus Review

We're here at Mt. Olympus and todays ride we'll be reviewing is Zeus. Once you get in the cars and pull down the lap bars and buckle the seatbelt, you're on your way. You roll down a small dip before rising back up. Sadly, this will be the highlight of the ride. We then begin to climb the lifthill. It takes a while, and theres nothing to look at other than Mt. Olympus and Wisconson Streets. Once we crest the lifthill, we get a good view of Hades. And then we roll down the first drop. The shaking now begins. Yeah. This ride is rough as hell. I'm not sure if its actually fast or if its just super rough. Probably the latter. We then jackhammer our way through a completely airtimeless hill. We just bounce right through it as if it were nothing. Still bouncing with roughness. We shuffle through a small hill. We get no airtime, just shake like rag dolls. Even through the straight track, it just rattles us. We drop down, rise up, and SMACK!!!! We get slammed to the left. We drop down to the ground, jackhammering with aching ribs as we are slammed into the side during this turn. We drop down and shuffle before rising back up and through another turn. SMACK!!!! Now we slam to the right. We drop down to the ground and jackhammer our way through several more forceless. Just keep jackhammering. Just keep jackhammering. We go through another turn, though this one isn't quite as uncomforable. We rise up, go through some brakes, dip down and stop in the station. Yeah. Thats Zeus. And it is awful. While not the absolute worst coaster I've been on, its pretty damn close to other coasters that I'd consider the worst. I'm just glad I got on early in the morning when there was no line. Cause this thing would not have been worth any typical Mt. Olympus waits.


Location: Mt. Olympus

Opened: 1997

Built by: Custom Coasters

Last Ridden: August 14, 2010

Zeus Photos