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    Lakemont Park Review

    Time for another park review. And this is.....one of the most interseting parks in America. Primarily in the sense that....this acts far more like a city park with a small handful of rides. But this isn't just a small little credit whoring stop for locals. No, this has some VERY interesting rides, including the oldest coaster in the world. Check out review of that, and see what all this quirky park has to offer

    Arctic Rescue Day

    So Sea World San Diego opened up a new coaster last year. But we couldn't get to it due to life's bullsh*t. So we're hitting it now. Better late than never. Check out all the fun of Sea World's newest coaster, Arctic Rescue. On top of that, check out the other fun coasters of Sea World as well as some cool animal fun and even some artwork.

    Waldameer Review

    Time for another park review. We're at one of the few parks left in America with a major coaster that I had yet to visit. Waldameer. This park is home to Ravine Flyer II, a really fun wooden coaster with its own review that's part of this update. On top of that, check out everything else Waldameer has to offer as a small, but charming old-school classic amusement park.

    Nintendo World Opening

    All right. Right after Nintendo World Opened up at Universal Studios Hollywood last week, we had to go and check it out. While we didn't get much of the rest of the park done, be sure to check out all that Nintendo World has to offer in this update that showcases the newest area of Universal Studios Hollywood

    Sesame Place 2022

    All right. One of the more ignored water parks of Southern California was given a giant makeover into Sesame Place, and....that included a new credit. And since we can get in for free, it's credit whore time! Check out what the new Sesame Place has to offer, how the original water park fares under the Sesame Street brand, as well as seeing some fun at Sea World San Diego, finally getting on a certain that never opened right before they tore it out. So yeah. Check that out.

    Wild Rivers 2022

    All right. After being closed for over a decade, the best water park in California has returned! Well...sort of. Yes, there's a new Wild Rivers back in Orange County. Is it the exact same as the old Wild Rivers? No. But it's still a great water park with some fantastic slides and a wink a nod to the original park. Check out all it has in our update on it.

    Playland's Castaway Cove Review

    We're back with another park review for one of the seaside parks of the Jersey Shore. And this one is actually special. This isn't just another credit whoring stop by the beach. This park actually has one of the most interesting and unique coasters in the world that you can't find anywhere else and is genuinely a really fun ride. Check that out, plus everything else that this park has to offer.

    Ventura County Fair 2022

    All right. After a decade of not visiting, I have finally returned to the Ventura County Fair for this years fair visit. And while this isn't as good as the L.A County Fair or San Diego Fair, we still had a ton of fun here. Check out some cool flat rides, fun exhibits, wacky funhouses, and one of our favorite flat rides ever in this update from something fun in my childhood town.

    Casino Pier Review

    All right. We've got another new park review. Now Casino Pier may not be anything truly special. The one thing this park got famous for was all the viral damage it recieved during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 with Star Jet collapsing into the ocean. But how is it as just an ordinary Seaside Park? Check that out as we go over the park itself and its fun and intersting coasters.

    Disneyland Summer 2022

    All right. After years of hiatus, we're finally back at the Disneyland Resort. And oh boy, they've added QUITE A LOT for us to catch up on. Check out all the changes that Disneyland has made and listen to us praise the ones that are good (Galaxy's Edge and Avengers Campus), complain about the ones that are bad (Pixar Pier and the decision to retire a certain classic, giant rant on that in this update), as well as check out all the other classics that are beloved in the Disneyland Resort.