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    East Coast Trip 2021 - Coney Island

    We're back one of the most famous amusment parks ever, stopping by Coney Island. Since....if we're in NYC, gotta get that Coney Island Cyclone goodness. Check that out, as well as a horrible coaster they added since my last visit, some cool flat rides, the beach, New York Pizza, and even see a lot of the Natural History Museum.

    Raging Waters 2021

    All right. It's water park time. And we're back at Raging Waters. While not our favorite water park, it is pretty big and has added some new slides since our last visit 11 years ago. How are they? Check out the answer and even check out a fair as well in the update.

    East Coast Trip 2021 - American Dream

    We're back to the roller coasters, and why not return at America's newest theme park, Nickelodeon Universe, located inside the new American Dream Mall in New Jersey. Check out the park, featuring some cool coasters, cool flat rides, and plenty of Nickelodeon characters, as well as some NYC fun, and even check out some skiing action.

    Hawaii 2021

    All right. Time for another non-coaster update, and we're back in Hawaii. There may not be any coasters, but this update contains a lot of natural beauty, some wild animals, a really cool hotel, good food, jet-skiing, and a lot more fun.

    East Coast Trip 2021 - New York City

    So we've decided to take a break from roller coasters on the East Coast Trip, and instead, go exploring America's biggest and most famous city, New York City. Check out some American History, Tragedy History, Gay History, Really Good Food, Really Good Views, and lots more in this update.

    Knotts Summer 2021

    After visiting the park many times during the pandemic as a Food Festival, it's time to finally get back to Knotts Berry Farm. Check out their cool new dark ride Beary Tales, as well as other exciting coasters, fun rides, and delicous food.

    East Coast Trip 2021 - Six Flags New England

    The East Coast Trip continues and now we're at one of the biggest parks, home to one of the best coasters in America as well as a new-for-us RMC that really kicks ass! Check both of those out, as well as some of SFNE's other rides and various other bits of fun in the area, plus some NYC as well.

    Spring SFMM 2021

    It's over! The COVID Theme Park Lockdown in California is over (Has been for a while. But this update is extremely late)!!! And as such, we're here at Six Flags Magic Mountain to scratch that roller coaster itch that has been flaring up for nearly all of 2020. Check out some great roller coasters, see how SFMM is running in the age of COVID-19, and other potential ways they can improve.

    East Coast Trip 2021 - Lake Compounce

    All right. Time for our major trip of 2021. We're visiting all sorts of parks all over the East Coast and Midwest, and the trip starts at Lake Compounce. A fun park that hosts one of the best wooden coasters in the country. But on top of that, check out their new coaster (it was sadly closed, along with a lot of other rides), as well as their Bites'N'Pints Food Festival.

    Taste of Boysenberry Festival 2021

    Sorry for this update being so late. Long story on why included inside. But last year, right before California allowed theme parks to reopen for COVID, Knotts wanted to do a Boysenberry Festival since it was that time. However, they couldn't do that thanks to regulations at the time. So they did the Taste of Boysenberry Festival. Check out all these delicous foods and more in this tasty update.