Las Vegas

We may be smiling now.

But this is a Togo Death Machine! OWWWWW!!!!!

There are lots of Cheesecake choices. Why don't you pick one! We know you want to!

AHHHH!!!! A Volcano just erupted!!! We're all going to die!!!!!

Screw Hair! I'm going to use this pillow as my hair from now on!

Stupid Premeir Coaster with OTSRs!

It was actually fun! It was smooth, the second launch was powerful and much better than that Togo death machine in New York New York!

My dad is just happy to be out of California.

I bought a Nascar Cafe day pass to ride Speed multiple times, but the pass worked for this 3D driving expreience and, well lets just say I'm the Togo Driver!

Don't puke Allie!!!

You better not pet that Stingray Kevin or else you'll be stung!

We love Sea Turtles!

Oh my God! Why are you two trying to date that shark! Don't you think it will get pissed??!!!

Everyone loves M&Ms from the M&M Factory!

What? We're just practicing having Boyfriends for the future!

The Carraba waiters love to sing! By the way, Carrabas is one of my favorite restraunts.

HA HA! We're breaking into the pool! Come get us cops! (Seriously, our feet are in the pool)

Time to just sit back, and relax.


Celeste gets drenched under the waterfall in the pool!

We had to stop at Buffalo Bills to go on another Arrow ride!

We're happy to be on a hyper coaster that isn't Goliath!

I liked Goliath more, but it was still fun!

Celeste and Emily get on a Frog Hopper!

Damn it! Turbo Drop was closed!