Today was the day of the SFMM/Party, but we decided to spend some time at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor because it will be closing next week.

I had to come in last place on Bamboo Racer!

Yay! Tornado is actually better than Dragons Den!

Get this, The employee said Goliath would be closed, check in an hour. 5 min later, we see people riding! At least the line was short.

Oh boy! Lets do the B&M!

Here come Scream racing out of veiw into a heartline spin.

If the Goldrusher train is a carpool, where are the people riding!?

We also got in Batman the Forceful Ride today.

On Circus Wheel, Isaac tells a story that makes no sense for no reason whatsoever.

HA HA! I know you're jealous about us geting on Ninja today Celeste!

Where did we go to from Ninja? Why to another Arrow ride of course!

Ouch! The arrow ride hurts! THE ARROW RIDE HURTS!!!!

This is the best part of Viper.

Hey look whats in the backround Celeste! Its Collosus!

The Taiko drum game, a Japaneese drum game imported from Japan was at the Party!

This should give you an Idea what the Taiko drum game is.

Josh and Amanda love the Taiko drum game

Elissa hosts the Ring toss game!

Got to win the Ring Toss! Must win that Kaneon Hat/Visor/Yamaka! MUST WIN!!! (Isaac didn't win the Kaneon hat/visor/yamaka)

Here you can see Wes hugging a dolphin to death!


Kevin, I'm dumping you as my Taiko Drum Game partner!