Cobra Review

We're here at La Ronde to ride Cobra. You straddle the seat to a comfortable setting, get the restraint right, and then we're off! As we climb the lifthill, we get a good view of Cobra's loop if we look to our right, and in the front row, you can clearly see the St. Lawrence River. Then, we crest the lifthill. And down the first drop we go. We twist down and gain quite a bit of speed. While it doesn't look all that fast from off the ride, it's actually going at a decent speed. Up next would be the loop. It's a pretty good loop. You get some good forces in that loop. And there's no leg pain during it at all. Still going fast, we twist up and spiral up towards the sky. But before we know it, we are literally diving straight towards the ground. It's got really steep banking and it's really tight. So just that really steep dive is just awesome. Now I will admit that there is a little bit of headbanging here. So that's a bummer and a deduction since there was no headbanging here in 2008. But it's not that big of a deal. There are FAR WORSE rides out there with much worse headbanging that don't come with any fun like this. Anyways, back to this awesome dive. It's awesome, and the fact that you're standing up during it is even. And then after that, we are traveling pretty fast and have a small hill ahead of us. You know what that means. EJECTOR AIRTIME!!!!! =) We brace for the testicular pain that everyone commonly associates with airtime on a stand up coaster. Ejector Air on a stand up coaster is one of the best feelings you get on a coaster. There's not much quite like it (Someone please build a stand up version of Coaster please)!!! We then land back in our seat. And guess what? Our balls are perfectly unharmed!!! All those "This ride hurts my balls" rumors are 100% bullsh*t!!! Stand Up Airtime kicks ass!!! Someone please build a stand up coaster with a sh*tload of ejector air please. We then twist back up, and then roar straight into the midcourse brakes. You know those coasters where the first half is really good, but the second half is even better? Well Cobra is not that type of coaster. =( Cause really, after the mid course brakes, Cobra kind of sucks. We head down a drop, and while we're still moving, we arn't going nearly as strong as we were in the first half. We soar through a turn, before heading through some sort of curvy trick track and switching directions and turning the other way. You get some good laterals during this, but unfortunetly, the second half is all downhill from here. We then start to curve up and then start to keep turning. We just keep turning, just keep turning, it's like a flat helix, except we don't really feel a change in elevation. We then twiset down a drop as we keep turning. We then go through an S Turn as we change direction. We see another small hill and start to get our hopes up for more ejector air. But nope. We just glide over this hill, feet flat on the ground. =( After a banked curve, we roll straight into the brake run. This is a decent stand up and while far from my favorite stand up coaster, it's also far from my least favorite stand up coaster. I would TOTALLY recommend riding this if you are ever at La Ronde as it's not only a really fun ride, but it's also pretty rare. And unfortunetly, it's clone back at Six Flags AstroWorld has yet to be rebuilt =( (Darien Lake, wake up). It's one of the only two Intamin Stand Ups currently operating. The other, Shockwave at Drayton Manor, has a completely different layout, so I can't compare. But yeah, don't listen to what anyone else has to say about Cobra. It's awesome.


Location: La Ronde

Opened at Skara Summerland in 1988

Moved to La Ronde in 1995

Built by: Intamin

Last Ridden: August 2, 2011

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