Top 10 Underrated Coasters List

Welcome to an Incrediblecoasters Top 10 List. When we list stuff, we actually explain why. Now, for this Top 10 List, My Original Plan was that I was going to make the official Top 10 Overrated Coasters List. But I decided against it for two different reasons. #1. I don't really see much of a point. It just isn't something that I'm dying to tell everyone about. And #2. It's just too easy a list to make. Anyone who reads the site will have a pretty good Idea of what we consider to be overrated.

For those who don't, this would pretty much give you a sneak peek of what we'd include on our Overrated List if we made one. =)

But then I got to thinking to myself. What about Underrated rides? Everyone always talks about how so and so is so popular and then rides it and complains about how overrated it is? But what about all those poor rides that are underrated and no one gives a crap about? This seems to be a topic that most people seem to forget about, because they're freaking underrated and don't get the attention that they deserve!!! Well I'm going to change that right now. Now before I begin, I just want to clarify that this is the Top 10 Most Underrated Coasters List, Not the Top 10 Most Underriden Coasters List, because people frequently get the two confused. For instance, Coaster @ PNE Playland is SEVERLY underridden. Not very many people get out to ride it due to the fact that its in Vancouver, which is not a typical roller coaster destination. But its not underrated due to the fact that the few people who ride it give it the insanely high review that it so rightfully deserves (Ok, who the f*ck am I kidding. Coaster is underrated as well, just not severly). But there are several other coasters that I totally find underrated. Many of you will read this list shocked at the fact that I like it or find it underrated it is. But keep in mind, the more people who forget about the ride, or consider it to be a peice of sh*t, or both, the more underrated it is. So make sure your eyes are open. For these are some of the most underrated coasters that I have been on. (The photos here show some underrated coasters that barely missed the cut for this list).




















Boomerangs & SLCs @
Various Different Parks

Now let me just start out by saying that Boomerangs & SLCs are far from my favorite rides. The fact that they are cloned heavily does make them get old and some of them really do suck. But Holy Sh*t!!!! These have got to be some of the most hated coasters in the entire roller coaster community!!! Everyone always makes fun of them, they are constantly the butt of several different roller coaster jokes, and a good number of coaster enthusiasts do genuinely hate them. Now this hatred isn't entirely constructed from nowhere. Like I said before, they are everywhere, so a well traveled enthusiast sees them all the freaking time and must get sick of them. I'm not THAT well traveled, but even I pass by a Boomerang or an SLC with an attitude of "Seen it" or "All in all, you're just another credit for my count." And like many enthusiasts bitch about, some Boomerangs and SLCs are truely horrible rides. Kong @ Six Flags Discovory Kingdom is one of the worst coasters I have currently ridden in my life. HOLY CRAP!!!! That ride is bad!!!! But they will look at any Booomerang or SLC and automatically declare it a peice of sh*t just because it is a Boomerang or an SLC. They are just HATED by the roller coaster community. Gizmo, from Theme Park Review wrote the following about SLCs. "Riding an SLC is about as much fun as getting an IRS Audit while a gang of midgets smashes your testicles with a hammer." And as a whole, Boomerangs and SLCs are NOT doing well in the polls. In the 2010 Mitch Hawk Poll (Speaking of which, when the hell are you gonna release the 2011 one?), Your Favorite Boomerang was ranked 298/342 and Your Favorite SLC was ranked 307/342. That is bad. That is very f*cking bad. My favorite Boomerang would be Boomerang @ Great Escape and my favorite SLC would be Thunderhawk @ Michigans Adventure. Both of these recieve a 7/10 from me. So they average at about 70 %ish. In the Mitch Hawker Poll, Your Favorite Boomerang got a score of 13%, while your favorite SLC got a score of 12%. Both of those are incredibly low Fs. I mean, 70 % isn't an amazing score or anything, but compared to 13%!!!? If someone said "I got a 70% on that test!!!" Not the end of the world. Not the best, but decent at least. But if they said "I got 13% on that test!!" You'd probably consider them to be a lombotomized monkey and should be left back a grade. So yeah. Boomerangs and SLCs. They CAN be fun. Trust me. A Smooth Boomerang or SLC is not some ancient myth like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster!!! They exist!!!! I swear!!!!!




















Yankee Cannonball @
Canobie Lake Park
Salem, New Hampshire, U.S.A

While not the absolute most underrated coaster of all time, Yankee Cannonball is just one of those coasters that everyone always seems to forget about, mostly because Canobie Lake Park isn't visited nearly as much as other parks in the country due to its location, which is a shame because its a really nice little park. But when most people ride it, they'll ride it, get the credit, say "That was fun", and then totally walk away, forgetting all about this wooden coaster, which is a shame, because much like the park, it is a really fun wooden coaster. Yes, its not very big and it is very old. But hey, so are Phoinex and Coaster, and those are some of the best wooden coasters of all time. No, Yankee Cannonball is not the Coaster of the Northeast, but it is a really good wooden coaster. Definetly above average, no doubt about that. The ride does maintain its pace very well, and the hills do have some very strong floater air, or even weak ejector air. Its just all around a very pleasent deal, but most people just seem to ride it and then say "Meh." Larrygator posted the following on Theme Park Critic, "I didnt consider Yankee Cannonball worthy of my 45 minute wait. It is slow and not very forceful. I sat in the first row of the last car and quite frankly would have given it another shot from the front of the train if the queue wasnt so bad. I did not experience much air, just a smidgen on the first drop nor did I find it rough as others have said." Now to be fair, I too agree that Yankee Cannonball is not worth a 45 minute wait, but I definetly feel that there is more airtime and the ride is definetly one of the better roller coasters in America. Now I give this ride about an 8.2, so yeah. I give it an 82%. It ranked #55 on the Mitch Hawker Poll. Out of 176 Wooden Coasters, its not horrible, but I definetly feel like it deserves more. Especially with its score of 65%. Yeah. It totally deserves a higher spot. Be sure to head over to Canobie Lake Park and ride Yankee Cannonball. Its a great little wooden coaster.




















Collosus @
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California, U.S.A

Now some of you guys may be thinking to yourselfs "Of course we don't care about Collosus. They have freaking X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain!!! And they also have Tatsu, Goliath, Riddlers Revenge, among several other different coasters. Why would or why should I pay any attention at all whatsoever to a dinky wooden coaster?" Well first of all, Collosus is not a dinky little wooden coaster. It's fairly big, it just looks tiny since its dwarfed by Goliath right next door. And while I admit that Six Flags Magic Mountain does have so much better things than Collosus, including X2, one of my all time favorite coasters, but enthusiasts don't just ignore it due to being distracted by much better rides, they geniunely talk sh*t about Collosus. Tons of enthusiasts claim that its just a dull and boring wooden coaster with no character to it, and several of them will claim that its rough, horrible and should be burned down to the ground. SoCalCoasters, from Theme Park Review had the following to say about Collosus. "I'd tear down, or heavily change Collosus. That thing had jackhammering worse than Ghostrider when I rode it, and it took my neck about a week to recover from riding that piece of crap. I rode it twice, and the second time it was even worse!" The way they were talking about it, you'd swear they were talking about Wild Beast!!! Collosus may not be the greatest coaster ever and you could spend your time at SFMM on much better stuff, like say, oh I don't know, on X2. =) But I really do find Collosus to be a fun and enjoyable ride. I will usually ride it whenever I visit SFMM as I have it as part of my typical morning routine. Goliath, Collosus, and Scream. And I really do like it. The very back seat does have some good airtime on several of the hills, and now that they re-tracked it last year, it is as smooth as glass. But even before then, there was never any roughness to the ride. No jackhammering, no nothing. Now I give Collosus about a 7.3, so its about a 73% in my book. But it ranked #118 out of 176. Thats about a 30%. Yeah. It deserves a MUCH higher rating than that. So yeah. Collosus may not be amazing or anything, but it is a good wooden coaster. Especially Backwards. Oh yeah. It kicks MAJOR MAJOR ASS running backwards!!!!! Yeah. Its so damn underrated.




















Hydra @
Dorney Park
Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Hydra @ Dorney Park is a very interesting coaster and its reputation is very interesting as well. While I will admit that there is no burning hatred of Hydra in the roller coaster community, it is definetly considered to be one of the sh*ttier B&M coasters that they have made. If I could use one word to describe what enthusiasts think of Hydra, I'd have to go with forceless. Nearly EVERYONE I know has claimed that "Oh, Hydra is so forceless." While they don't consider it to be a bottom of the barrel coaster, they do consider to be a very dull ride. If you take a look at the worst Intamin/B&M/GCI Thread on Themeparkreview, you will see that Hydra is a very popular choice for their least favorite B&M (If you're curious, I put down Vortex for B&M, Flashback for Intamin, and Gwazi for GCI). Now, as I said, the main complaint that people have with Hydra is that there's no force on the ride. I can semi-understand. Hydra is no Kumba. Its not even close. So yeah. It kind of is forceless. But here's the thing. Hydra is so slow that it just glides through everything and you slide everywhere. Yeah, the Jo-Jo Roll is great for hangtime. But nearly EVERY SINGLE INVERSION has lots of hangtime. Unlike on most rides where inversions either emit positive Gs, or are just for show, these ones actually make you feel like your going upsidedown. Which is what makes inversions great. It's kind of like Slow Riddlers or Slow Scream, where you just hang on all of the inversions. And on top of all the really slow hanging and the great hangtime, its not QUITE as forceless as everyone says. I got a pop of air on the first drop in the back, I felt a slight bit of whip in some of the turns. Yeah, its no Kumba or Montu or Raptor or Batman. But hey, its still good. I give it about an 8, or a 7.8 if I really want to be more accurate. In the 2010 Mitch Hawker Poll, Hydra was ranked 125/342, this translates into about a 61%. Now I do know that 125/342 is not a horrible ranking. Its better than many other different rides. But I do feel that it should be higher. I just wish more people could appreciate it for what it is and not what they want it to be. This is not Kumba, if you expect that, no sh*t sherlock, you'll be dissapointed. But expect a very loose and hangtime filled ride that'll have you sliding around and hanging by your restraints, and Hydra will not dissapoint.




















Comet @
Great Escape
Lake George, New York, U.S.A

Now Comet may not be poorly rated, far from that. People do genuinely seem to enjoy the ride and they do consider it to be a very good wooden coaster. But a very good wooden coaster just doesn't cut it for the Comet. This thing is f*cking amazing!!!! And its not just underriden, its underrated. People will give it positive reviews, but they fail to notice all the incredible things that this ride does. It has insane laterals that may as well be on a Wild Mouse, and the airtime!!! Holy Sh*t!!!! The Airtime is so damn good!!!!! Lots of floater air, and some extreme pops tha just EJECT you from your seat!!! And not many people I know who ride this seem to notice all the greatness that this ride is doing. They just sort of go with the flow. I mean, they don't criticize the ride. They never complain about it being forceless, because how can you possibly come to that conclusion? But they never really seem to see all the great things that the ride does. This ride is so good that its in my Top 10 Wooden Coasters List. But on the Mitch Hawker Poll, Comet is ranked #37, which is not a bad ranking at all. That's very good and most other rides would love that ranking. But Comet as you can see deserves more than #37, which would translate into about 80%. I mean, like I said, it has crazy laterals and great airtime. Its just a great and fun roller coaster. Especially compared to everything else at the Great Escape. Definetly make sure you go and check it out.




















DejaVu @
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California, U.S.A

Now some of you guys may be wondering why I didn't just include DejaVu in with the rest of the Boomerangs in the #10 spot. Well, thats because its MUCH MUCH better than just a typical ordinary Boomerang. For DejaVu is one of the 5 Giant Inverted Boomerangs from Vekoma, and Holy Crap!!! These rides are awesome!!!!!! However, many enthusiasts do not think so and they just lump in DejaVu in with the rest of the Boomerangs. So often, I hear about how rough it is, or how its just another ordinary boomerang, just super sized. Dude, this ride is awesome. The vertical lifts on this ride, Holy Crap!!! Those were amazing. This was one of the few rides where the lifthill was actually enjoyable, and the drops were pretty damn awesome as well. And man, you just fly through everything. It feels much faster than normal boomerangs and the Invertigos. I gave DejaVu an 8/10, or an 8.4 to be more specific. So it gets an 84%. On the 2010 Mitch Hawker Poll, DejaVu was ranked # 171 out of 342. This is about a 50% on the poll. Yeah. DejaVu is MUCH better than that. Yeah, its a step up from the 13% ranking of Your Favorite Boomerang, But Still!!!! Hell, this was one of the better rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Yeah, was. DejaVu is no longer here at Six Flags Magic Mountain. But don't you worry. It's not gone. You can still ride it, for now it is located at Six Flags New England where it is known as Goliath (lame name). So hell. If you were reading this and are in the Northeast, Hooray!!! Now its closer to you guys!!! So definetly make sure to check out DejaVu when you're going to Six Flags New England. Its truely a fantastic roller coaster. Don't listen to anyone about how its just a Boomerang. That's Bullsh*t!!!!




















Thunderation @
Silver Dollar City
Branson, Missouri, U.S.A

Thunderation @ Silver Dollar City is no ordinary mine train. Oh god no. This is by far not any ordinary mine train. If you come on, expecting this ride to be something along the lines of Goldrusher or Cedar Creek Mine Ride, then man do you have a shock for you. This mine train is insane for several reasons. First of all, some of the cars run backwards. All right. Thats just freaking awesome!!! Or at least they did. From what I've heard, they stopped doing this right after I went to Silver Dollar City. LAME!!!!!!!!!! ='( But don't worry. Because even when this coaster is running forewords, its still freaking amazing. You roll out of the station, and MADNESS!!!! It just goes without warning, weaving down towards the ground, keeping some good laterals, and all of this is isolated. Its an incredible mine train. Without a doubt my favorite. Yes, this kicks Thunder Mtns ass!!! (The American ones at least, I'll ride the Paris one in a month, so I'll see how that one is). However, many enthusiasts do not give this ride the credit that it deserves since its a mine train. Now to be fair, many enthusiasts do in fact call Thunderation their favorite mine train. But this ride is freaking crazy!!!! Especially when it ran backwards!!!! =( But even forewords, it is an awesome ride. I even took some time to get re-rides in because it was that good. Now how many other mine trains do I get re-rides on? Yeah, its awesome. I'd give it about a 7.8 or 78%. However on the Mitch Hawker Poll, Thunderation was ranked 161/342. Which isn't horrible. Its still the best ranked mine train, with the second best, Roadrunner Express @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas coming in at 197. But still, thats about a 54% ranking. Yeah. Thunderation deserves a MUCH better rating than that. Well definetly check it out when at Silver Dollar City, it may now be forewords only, but its still a blast to ride.




















Zamperla Volares @
Various Different Parks

You may be wondering why I didn't just include the Volares in with the rest of the clones such as Boomerangs and SLCs in the #10 Spot? Well, I have two main reasons for that. 1. I have never ridden a bad Volare. Now granted, I have only ridden two Volares in my life. Time Warp @ Canada's Wonderland, and Soaring Eagle @ Coney Island. And I enjoyed both of them very well. And the second reason I included Volares seperately is that they are MUCH more underrated. I mean MUCH more underrated. Yeah, Boomerangs and SLCs get hated on, but I'm definetly not the first person to go and defend these rides. Plenty of other people have defended them before. However, I don't think I've ever heard ANYONE defend a Volare. I know of some other people who like them, but as a whole, NOBODY in the enthusiast community likes these rides. Coasterlover420 from Themeparkreview has this to say about Volares. It's so painful, and it feels like you're a pet that was caged and a cruel owner is swinging you around in loops. While it may seem interesting, it is not a very good investment, imo. Both times I rode it at Elitch's it gave me bruised ribs... And all throughout that thread, there is so much hate for the Volare. Just about NOBODY seems to like these rides. Yeah, they aren't amazing or anything, and they are my least favorite flying coaster, but they still are fun. I'd rank them at around a 7.1 or 71%. However, on the Mitch Hawker Poll, guess where the Volare was ranked? DEAD LAST. You read correctly. The Volare was ranked as the worst steel coaster of all time. Do I even need to keep going on why this is underrated?




















Scandia Screamer @
Ontario, California, U.S.A

While it may be located in just a tiny little credit whoring stop, the Scandia Screamer is actually a really good coaster. However, this ride is not only underriden due to its park, but most enthusiasts tend to judge the Scandia Screamer in the same way that they judge Scandia. As just yet another credit whoring coaster, just to add to their counts. Get in, ride it, and get out. That's the main enthusiast reaction towards this ride. Hell, thats what I was expecting when I came to ride it. HOLY SH*T!!!! WAS I EVER SURPRISED!!!! This little coaster is freaking INSANE!!!!! Its a lot faster, has laterals that'd make a Wild Mouse blush, strong ejector air, and the longer the ride goes on, the crazier everything gets. It only gets faster, the laterals only slam you harder, and the airtime just tries harder and harder to eject you from your seat. And yeah, this ride is not just underridden due to being in a place like Scandia, people really don't seem to see all the craziness that this ride has to offer. I mean, its not horribly rated or anything, but people really seem to just ignore this little ride due to the whole fact that its in a credit whoring stop. I'd give this ride abut a 7.7, or a 77%. However, on the Mitch Hawker Poll, it ranked in at 249/342. Yeah, about a 26%. Thats pretty bad. I mean, thats better than other credit whore coasters, but thats the whole main problem. This is not a credit whore coaster. I may have this credit, but I do plan on riding it again. Its not just a credit whore stop.




















Cobra @
La Ronde
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hey, it may be located in La Ronde, but this is a very fun stand up coaster. Yeah, It's not as good as Riddlers Revenge @ SFMM or Green Lantern @ SFGAdv, but Cobra is definetly a very fun stand up coaster. However, NOBODY seems to agree with me. Not only is La Ronde not a major roller coaster destination, so many people simply don't have access to this ride. But not only that, but those who do have access to this ride pretty much treat the ride like a peice of sh*t. It commonly gets labeled as slow, rough, and boring and is ranked along the same levels as Boomerangs, SLCs, and Volares. Pretty much NOBODY likes this ride. Larrygator wrote this on Theme Park Critic. "stand-up that is slow boring and uninventive. So slow I thought it was going to stop during the helix" And he is not alone. ESSENTIALY NOBODY likes that ride. Several of the other reviews of Cobra are also negative, nobody has anything nice to say about the ride. In fact, I can only think of ONE other enthusiast who likes Cobra as well. ONLY ONE!!!!!! Everyone else claims the ride is slow, rough, and boring. Well, first of all. Its not rough. It may not be smooth as glass, but theres no pain at all. And while I will admit that the ride does get fairly dull in the second half after the midcourse brakes, HOLY CRAP!!! The first half is good. The first drop is fun, the loop is strong, the curves are fast and have good laterals, and oh man!!! That moment of ejector air!!!! Ejector Air is amazing!!! It feels freaky and it is completely painless. No, there is no crotch pain. Again, NO CROTCH PAIN!!!!! But none the less, people hate this ride. I'd rank this ride at around a 7.4, or 74%. It got 304/342. DAMN!!!! That is a LOW ranking. Just go on the internet, and you'll find nothing good about this ride. Cobra, so far, the most underrated coaster of all time.



















So now I'm sure you know what you're thinking. "Wow. That was the list. That is so wrong." Well no. First of all, this list can not be entirely accurate since I haven't ridden every single coaster in the world, so until I do, this list will never truely be accurate. And new ones will be made, so technically, no list will last forever. But really, just go and check out these very underrated coasters. They're all a lot of fun. No matter what other enthusiasts say about them. =)