Scandia Screamer Review

For today's review, we are heading to Scandia to review the Scandia Screamer. Now for most people, this looks like a big credit whoring coaster. Nothing looks special about it. But looks can be deciving. Find out for yourselves. Hop in the car, buckle the seatbelt, pull down your lap bar and let me show you just how crazy this ride really gets. After rolling around a turn, we go up the lifthill. The lifthill is nothing special. There's not much to see, though if you do look straight down, you will be able to see just how much there is to the ride. But anyways, fast foreword to the top of the lift hill. We slowly go around the turn. Just waiting to drop. We crawl towards it, and then we drop. HOLY CRAP!!!! Are we supposed to be gaining this much speed? SLOW DOWN!!! SLOW DOWN!!!! THIS SHOULDN'T GO THIS FAST!!!!! We then roar up a big hill. A lot of our speed is gone. But we know just what this ride is capable of, and now suddenly, this seems a little too flimsy to do what its doing. We roll around the turn, and now we see another big drop. WHAM!!!! We gain a lot more speed before rising up another big hill under the main first drop. So far, its pretty good. Nothing insane, but good. After going around a turn under the main turn before the first drop, we once again go down another big drop before rising up again for another turn under the next section. Ok, now its starting to get a little repetitive. But don't worry. Its getting even crazier. The turns are starting to gain some laterals and now we're going down a small drop which gives us some great airtime. We then go through a tiny bunny hop that ejects us from our seats and actually drops us down towards the ground, giving us even more speed. We then rise up, go through a sharp turn, which indeed gives us more laterals. We exchange those laterals for more airtime as we dip back down, getting thrown out of our seats. As we go through the bunny hop and get ejected, we wonder if the ride was intended to be this crazy or if it just failed as a family coaster and gave us crazy folks a reason to smile. Either way, HOORAY FOR INSANITY!!!!!! =) Just because we're crazy now doesn't mean its at its peak. Its about to get even wilder. We get some seriously wicked laterals around the turn and dip down again. Now we do go through another bunny hop. But this one has a trim brake on it. Yeah, I can't really blame them for adding a trim. It needs it. We then rise up a little hill and SLAM into a final turn. And I mean SLAM!!!! These laterals are double that of a Wild Mouse. Its insane. After that insanity, we glide through some straight track into the brake run. Holy Crap. Was that supposed to be a family ride because its just absolutely insane. The entire ride is on crack. And I love it for that. Its for reasons like this that I ranked it the 3rd Most Underrated Coaster ever. Its just absolutely insane. If you go to Scandia and not ride this, your crazy.


Location: Scandia

Opened: 1995

Built by: Miler Coasters

Last Ridden: November 18, 2018

Scandia Screamer Photos