Gadget's Go Coaster Review

We're here at Disneyland where's we'll be revewing the kiddy coaster. Gadgets Go Coaster. After climbing into the seats, you quickly climb up the lifthill. However, after cresting the lifthill, you twist down the lifthill, twist down a nice spiral drop. It's a nice first drop for a kiddy coaster. Then you turn a little, before gently dropping a little before you swoop up into a turnaround that leads you into a tunnel. Then you turn out of the tunnel, into a small drop that leads into a small helix around a fountain into the brake run. Then you glide back to the station. This is a fun roller skater, but I'd only ride it if you don't have the credit or love rollerskaters.


Location: Disneyland Resort

Opened: 1993

Built by: Vekoma

Credit #1

Last Ridden: July 17, 2011

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