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Consisting of two awesome parks, the Universal Orlando Resort features a crapload of stuff to do. Aside from great rollercoasters, they've also got great dark rides, great food, great theming, great water rides, and more. In the original Universal Studios Florida, you can mainly find a bunch of 3D shows with some cool rides in between. And in 2009, they built a big rollercoaster called Rockit, and personally, I think it looks really badass. But for me, Revenge of the Mummy and Men in Black is what made the Universal Orlando Resort. Then in 1999, Universal Studios Florida got its new brother park, Islands of Adventures. Now when it first opened, it was EXTREMELY BADASS!!! And to this day, it is still extremely badass. I mean, the park opened with 5 Themed Lands, 3 Awesome B&Ms, a bunch of completely kickass dark rides, and more. I mean, when you open up with all that stuff, you don't need to do much expanding for a while. Since my last visit, Harry Potter Area opened up and has been a HUGE hit with the General Public. Hell, now Celeste and Allie care about the park now that Harry Potter is here. Among coaster enthusiasts, reviews have been mixed. So I'll just go back and see for myself what I think before passing any judgement on the Harry Potter area. Good or Bad. And even without all the awesome theming, the rides themselves are very high quality and top notch. When I heard of Disney buying out Marvel, I was worried about Superhero Island at Islands of Adventures. But luckily, that's playing out just fine without any problems. Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventures are two completely awesome theme parks. And when you roll them up into one resort, that is one badass resort you are staying at. I'll tell you that much. I would totally recommend coming out to the Universal Orlando Resort as well as the Disney World Resort. You will not be dissapointed.


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There is a link to a review of all the Rollercoasters at the Universal Orlando Resort.

(Please keep in mind that there is no Rockit Review because it did not exist when I last visited the Universal Orlando Resort.)

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Flat Rides

While the Universal Orlando Resort is doing a phenomanal job in all the other departments, they arn't doing that great in the flat ride department. Mostly, that's because they barely have any flat rides at all. But the one that they do have, like everything else in the park, is really awesome. They have a space shot called Dr. Dooms Fearfall. And let me tell you this, it is by far, the best Space Shot I have been on. When waiting to launch, they say some stuff that really adds to the ride and definetly increases the anticipation. The launch itself seems much more powerful than it does on Maliboomer and Hellevator. And not to mention you get a FANTASTIC view of the Hulk. But aside from Dr. Doom, all the Universal Orlando Resort has is a carousel, a Dumbo type of ride, and some teacups. So while the Universal Orlando Resort may seriously lack in the quantity of flat rides, the one they do have does not lack in quality.

Dr. Doom is without a doubt, the greatest space shot Incrediblecoasters has ever done.

Dark Rides

The Universal Orlando Resort is without a doubt, hauling ass in the Dark Ride Department. It's so good in this department, that it's on the same level as the Disney Parks. Well first off, we'll start off with the greatest dark ride Incrediblecoasters has ever been on. Spiderman. You start off by getting in the car and putting on your 3D Glasses. And then, from there, you go off with Spiderman to go fight some villians. Then after being punched by a water villian, we feel wet. So we go hang out by a brick wall. But then Octoman comes out and sprays fire at us. You may think at this point that this is a Six Flags Dark Ride. But then the level of detail and effects reminds you that this is a Universal Dark Ride. Then after fighting more villains, you see an explosion and the whole room lights up. Cause remember, this simulator runs on a track. Then we get scared of Octoman and start to climb up a building. Then we fly around the city with Spiderman and do more Villain Fighting in the sky. While in the sky, Water Villian sprays us with mist, which makes us very moist. Then we jump to a building with Spiderman. But we don't make it and start to fall to the ground. And unlike most simulators, you actually feel like you're falling. Luckily, Spiderman comes and saves us since everybody gets one. While getting saved, we see that the sewers is not an exit. We then see that Spiderman has tied up all the villians and then takes out a camera to take our picture with. The other great dark ride that isn't quite as good as Spiderman, but is still awesome would be Men in Black. Once you get in your cars, you go out and shoot aliens. And not only are the aliens, pretty damn realistic looking, but you can also screw up other cars by making them spin out and not get any points. Now I may not be a Shooting Dark Ride Junkie, but I can safely say that Men in Black kicks ass. While these are the only two dark rides I rode at the Universal Orlando Resort, they were really awesome. I did wait in line for Twister, but after the third preshow, and the fact that we had to leave in 10 minutes to pick up Celeste and Allie from the airport, I had to bail out. Though it did have some cool preshows. They've also got a Cat in the Hat Dark Ride that from what I've heard, sounds really awesome. They've also got a Terminator 3D show, and unlike Universal Studios Hollywood, they still have their E.T. And since my visit, they've added the Simpsons Ride, which I hope to ride at Universal Studios Hollywood soon. I'm pretty sure there are more dark rides that I am missing. But as you can tell, the Universal Orlando Resort is doing awesome in the dark ride department.

Best Simulator Ever and one of the best Dark Rides ever.

Water Rides

While I never rode any water rides at the Universal Orlando Resort, I can tell you that they are awesome. First off, they have Dudly Doo Rights Ripsaw Falls. Now I never rode this ride, but I can tell you that YOU GET WET on it. According to Cody, when his little brother rode Dudly Doo Rights, he got so wet that the ink bled out of his shirt. Now THAT is a wet water ride. Actually, I was planning on going on Dudly Doo Rights Ripsaw Falls when I went to Islands of Adventures. But when I was there, the whole ride was getting a makeover, so it's not my fault that I missed it. I had even bought a poncho at a local drug store before going into the park JUST so I could ride it. (Though the ponchos did come in handy at Disney World.) Aside from that, they've also got Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges. This is the resort's river rapids ride. From what I've heard, it is extremely well themed and gets you extremely wet. Now unlike Dudly Doo Rights, Popeye was open the whole day. But for some reason, I never really felt like going on it at all that day, even though I had bought a poncho earlier on that day (Stupid Laziness). And then they've got a Jurrasic Park. While it seemed much better than the California one, I never rode it due to both laziness, and the fact that I had a similar ride over at Universal Studios Hollywood. While I have never ridden any of these water rides, I can definetly say that on the Universal Water Rides, you're gonna get wet.


I'll tell you this. The Universal Orlando Resort has a lot of food in the park. The resteraunts that you can choose from are endless. For lunch, I chose to eat at Mythos, which has frequently been rated the best amusement park resteraunt. And I'm going to have to agree. The food at Mythos is pretty good. For my lunch, I ended up getting a wrap, which is not a thing that I normally eat at a resteraunt. I also found their bread to be really good. But yeah. Unfortunetly, I've heard a lot of people complain that Mythos totally went downhill since I last ate there, and I kind of don't have high hopes. But hey, it had a lovely atmosphere, great service, and a spot for nice Hulk Shots, Mythos still sounds like a really good resteraunt. Hopefully they don't ruin it and Potterize it. But like I said, there is a lot more food at the Universal Orlando Resort, and I'm pretty sure that it's good too.

Keeping my fingers crossed that its still this good next time around.

Theming and Other Attractions

Here are the reviews of all the other stuff at the Universal Orlando Resort. For theming, it is everywhere. Everything at Islands of Adventures is practically theming. So as you can see, the entire resort is dripping with awesome high quality theming. As for other stuff to do at the Universal Orlando Resort, I am sure that they have some awesome shows in both parks that everyone can go and enjoy. Though while I am sure there is a sh*tload of stuff to do at the Universal Orlando Resort, I simply don't know much about it as I was way too focused on all the other stuff I was talking about in the resort. I am sure is a whole goldmine of stuff to do, I just don't feel like going on the website and looking it up.

In Conclusion

The Universal Orlando Resort is a totally awesome place to go and have fun. Not only do they have a ton of stuff to do at the resort, but everything they do have is of really high quality. All the coasters that I rode are completely awesome and not one of them felt boring or unkept, all the dark rides I rode seemed of really high quality and of the best, the food I ate was delicous and filled me up well. And I still feel like I haven't done all that this resort has to offer as there is so much more for me to go and explore at this resort. Plus, they have Rockit to come and drag me back. But even without the addition of Rockit, I would still have a lot of stuff left to do at the Universal Orlando Resort. But remember, you won't be bored at the Universal Orlando Resort. You can get a thrill fix on the Incredible Hulk, get drenched on Dudly Doo Rights, or just go see a 3D show. No matter what, Universal Orlando Resort has got something for you.

Enthusiast FAQs.

*Are there kiddy coaster restrictions? - No. Neither of the Roller Skaters have any restrictions.


*If you want to conquer the entire resort, spend two days. If not, you only need one day.

*Take Advantage of Single Rider Lines

*While the lockers are free, they do have time limits and are quite expensive if you go beyond the time limit

*Go in the Offseason to avoid crowds

*Have Fun!

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