Dueling Dragons (Ice) Review

We're here at the Universal Orlando Resort to ride Dragon Challenge. Now originally, it was called Dueling Dragons, and it was amazing!!! Holy Crap!!! Some of the best dueling on any coaster ever!!!!! It was amazing!!! But then they turned it into Dragon Challenge and stopped the dueling. F*CKING LAME!!!! SO F*CKING LAME!!!!!!! After walking through the beautifully themed line, we reach a sign that says "Choose thy fate." We decided to head on over and make Ice our fate. After pulling down the shoulder harness, the floor drops and away we go. Once we reach the lifthill, we begin to climb. We see the Fiery Track. Empty. We know that Fire is supposed to duel with us. But nope. =( Once we reach the top of the lifthill, We then head down the fist drop. We then twist to the left into the first drop. We get quite alot of speed off that first drop and are now having a lot of fun. We then twist up into a big curve. During this turn, we get a nice view of Fire's Immelman and of some buildings. Then we rise straight back down towards the water. We then rise up into a Heartline Spin. And like most heartline spins, the one on Ice Dragon is completely awesome. We then drop back down and twist a little before rising up into a cobra roll. The cobra roll is a lot of fun and has a really nice SNAP to it. After flipping back down, we head into some straight track. Now we see ourselves charging towards an empty track. When it was Dueling Dragons, this was awesome as it pumped us up for some kickass dueling action. Here, its just wasting our time and proving how this ride was meant to duel and how this is a stupid move. We then rise straight into a vertical loop. The loop is fun, but without dueling with Fire, it is nothing special. Again, stupid stupid move. We then head back towards the ground and then slam straight into a turn. This turn is quite forceful and really whips us through it. We then flip into a corkscrew. Its fun and forceful and all, but again, I miss the dueling action. We then twist into another turn fly through some straight track. Once again, proving that this ride was meant to duel. We then roar straight through a turn and glide straight into the brake run. Ice Dragon is a damn good B&M Inverted Coaster. I mean, it's got some fun inversions and a lot of force. So that's pretty cool. But still, its just so dissapointing to not have the dueling anymore. F*cking Lame.


Location: Universal Orlando Resort

Opened: 1999

Built by: B&M

Last Ridden: November 20, 2007

Dueling Dragons (Ice) Photos